My Spanish holiday in pictures

I've shared the outfit photos (well, most of them!) and I've shared a few other shots on Instagram, but here's our holiday to Spain in photos! Dun-dun-DUNNNN!

Almost every day we had breakfast al fresco, which was lovely. We'd sit out here again in the evenings most nights drinking and talking into the small hours until it got too cold. Out of everything I miss now I'm back home, it's being outside for such long periods. There's something so soothing about being able to sit outside instead of being indoors. I live in a flat with no garden, and I really miss being able to sit outside all day, hearing nature sounds and watching the birds stop by for crumbs. We'd have freshly baked bread for breakfast every morning with cheese, ham, fruit, olives and fruit juice, etc. It was lush. James's eyes are closed in the photo, oops.

The villa complex has a pool per every few villas and no one else used it the whole time we were there. It was HEAVEN.

That's how close we were to the pool.

Being such a history and architecture freak, our visit to Cartagena was my favourite day out as it's a very ancient town with lots of gorgeous buildings, including some Art Nouveau ones. I loooooooove Art Nouveau everything! We weren't there a long time as it was SO hot and Mookie wasn't feeling well, but what I did see made me really want to go back and spend a couple of days there. There are lots of statues there, including one in the second collage which is a memorial to victims of terrorism - El Zulo.

Look at the detail in those Medusa heads - amazing!
Is that a bullet hole in that building?

I know there are so many more things to see and do in Cartagena and I'd love to go back. You can read some more about it on Wikipedia here.

I have lipstick on my teeth but I won't tell if you won't ;)

This my friends is what I called the 'marriage lasagne' because it was so damned good I wanted to marry the chef. Soooooo good. My days. We ate at this place twice in the week as it was to die for, and the restauranteurs almost wanted our custom, which was the warmest reaction we had all week. ;)

More carbs!!
Trust me to finish on food! We ate well all week as we were quite active and you need carbs to fuel all those blogger outfit changes. ;)

I hoped you've enjoyed this blog post. Are travel posts something you like to see?

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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