Summer shorts for the men in my life #sp

I wouldn't be surprised if the recent hot weather in the UK has had everyone scrabbling to buy summer clothes they never thought they'd need this year. I'd all but given up hope of us having a summer, and now we've had what feels like a month of sun in a week!

When my family were staying with me last week it was scorching hot - we had a 30 deg C day on Tuesday. My dad and uncle had brought jeans with them expecting more of the same crappy weather we've had lately, and they were boiling hot. My aunt, cousin and myself were looking for shorts for the fellas to help them feel more comfortable. Then both my dad and uncle said exactly the same thing: "I haven't got the legs for shorts!" to which my head whipped around like the girl in The Exorcist. I'd never thought of either of them as being the kind of people who care what other people think.
I said "If you've got legs you've got the legs for shorts! If people don't like your legs they don't have to look!" It made me realise that men have their insecurities too, even if they don't voice them too often. We didn't actually see any shorts they liked, but I've since had a look on House of Fraser, where they have a huge amount of shorts in all kinds of styles and price ranges. All of the shorts pictured below are under £25.

There's your basic tracksuit bottom style. Best for lovers of comfort. I think these ones would be my dad down to a tee.
There's your surfer dude board shorts. Best for beach lovers and funky fellas.
Cargo shorts are a good option for gadget lovers as there are plenty of pockets in them. These are the kind of shorts my hubby wears.
Chino shorts are ideal for more formal dressers and go well with a short sleeve shirt.
If you want shorts for men that'll suit anyone at all, it's got to be the classic jeans shorts. A wardrobe staple. I think these ones would be ideal for my uncle.

And finally for the sporting fella, these shorts which wouldn't look out of place on a golf course.

Check these shorts and many more here.
Do the men in your life wear shorts?

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*post in collaboration with House of Fraser

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