Redken Pillow Proof blow dry express treatment primer

Hello lovelies! Today I'm talking about a hair product from Redken called Pillow Proof Express Treatment Primer which helps protect your hair during heat styling. I've used it to blow dry my hair and to straighten it. It has other benefits as well as heat protection which I'll talk about later in the post. I was sent a large bottle with a simple press-dispenser system and a travel size. Taking two pumps from the larger bottle I applied it to my hair and combed it through before heat styling. I don't do sleek blow dries as I prefer the 'just shagged' look. ;) Now I've put these photos in a collage because they're all a bit out of focus and they made my eyes go funny when they were full size. I wish I could say it was intentional, but I had greasy fingerprints all over the lens! My bad.

On another day I used it to straighten my hair. My hair is naturally wavy and I usually let it do its own thing, but I do straighten it occasionally. Heat protection is great as I don't want to dry my hair out.

Now let me just say I'm not one of those bloggers who's good at everything and who has endless go-to hairstyles in my repertoire. I'm good at growing my hair, but that's about it! I'd be lying if I told you I didn't tangle my hair up in knots (twice!) whilst blow drying my hair. You don't have to be great at hair to get results from this product at all. So, what does it do?

It protects your hair from heat styling up to 230 degrees C
It reduces blow dry time
Holds style longer
3x stronger and healthier hair
Anti breakage formula
Nourishes dry hair
All hair types - ideal for thick hair

It did make my hair dry faster when I blow dried it, but I have a feeling using 2 pumps of this (as suggested) is just too much product for my fine hair. I have to wash my hair the next morning after using it because it makes my hair SO greasy. If you already wash every day then it's no big deal, but do be aware if you have fine hair like me it may weigh your hair down the next day. It's a small price to pay for heat protected hair, though! It did make my hair lovely and shiny when I straightened it (it wouldn't have gone shiny under any circumstances during the blow dry as I rough-dried it) and it did have quite good hold throughout the day after styling. I would say this product would be best for frequent heat-stylers who don't mind frequent washing.

Have you tried this product? It smells a-mazing, like perfume. You can buy it here and here.

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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