Clothing hack - 3/4 playsuit into long lagenlook dress

Hey loves! It's been a while again, hasn't it? James kindly passed on his man flu to me, and as I have asthma that means instant chest infection. Yay, lucky me! ;) In today's post I'm going to talk about how I hacked this long lagenlook dress from a three-quarter length playsuit.

You can see a post here where I'm wearing a 3/4 length playsuit. It's the same as this, but in black. They gathered far too much around the crotch for my liking so I just chopped a straight line along the bottom of them. It was literally that easy - I just laid it out on the kitchen counter and chopped along in a straight line. And ta da! I ended up with two long dresses with a bit of a lagenlook, draped feel. Because they're jersey there's no need to hem either. Lazy girl heaven!
These photos were taken about a month ago, when it was still unseasonably hot. We drove out into the countryside because I get antsy if I haven't seen greenery or heard birdsong in a while. I said in my ranty post a couple of weeks back that I'd endeavour to do more outfits with old clothes because contrary to popular belief, fashion bloggers DO wear the same thing twice - just perhaps not on camera. ;) I don't want to add to that pressure to spend, spend, spend so I'll be wearing a lot more old things in posts. If I can find current day items similar I will link to them in my posts, but as part of my commitment to spending less, I'm window shopping far less so my knowledge of what's current isn't great. I've also put myself on a blog-reading detox. I don't want anyone else's voice in my head but mine at the moment because I lost myself in the noise and I need to find ME again.
I'm wearing my Ms Pomelo bra in these shots and it's SOOOOOOO comfortable it's unreal, but I wish the cups were cut differently as it looks a little like my boobs have been sliced in half!

I'm wearing:
Floppy hat, ASOS £20
Witch necklace, past season Punky Pins
Playsuit from a local shop (with no website)
Leggings past season Crazy Clearance similar here £32.07 from Etsy, here £15 ASOS
Skechers (similar) £33.74

£20 may seem excessive for a hat but it's lasted me two years through summers and winters and kept its shape despite being crammed and folded into bags, so it's paid for itself over again. Crazy Clearance (shit ableist name aside) is the place where old Simply Be items go to be sold on. There are usually some good bargains to be found there.

I hope this finds you all well. Things are coming along nicely with the flat - I think in a couple of weeks we may have unpacked the last box! I'm feeling a little more energetic every day so I hope to have the oomph to start taking outfit photos again soon. I mean - I normally LOVE Halloween but I haven't done a single Halloween outfit. I'm not myself.

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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