It's been a while

I haven't taken any outfit photos in nearly 3 weeks, and people who follow me on Instagram may have seen this outfit there a month ago or so. I've lost my way with fashion blogging and have been in a bit of a funk. It's a mixture of things - fatigue from the move affecting my mental health compounded by looking at a face in the mirror which is visibly ageing by the day, with a dash of materialistic ho-bag guilt after packing up my entire life into boxes and realising how much crap I own. Going forwards I intend to show a mix of old things with the occasional new item thrown into the mix, and as I said in a previous post I'll be trying to diversify. I want to show other sides of my personality other than hopelessly addicted fashion victim. ;)

Anyway, here's a really simple casual outfit I wore on a blisteringly hot day last month. A few of the items I've had for months, but thankfully as they're basics they're still for sale.

These photos were taken by the De La Warr pavilion, which is a lovely setting along Bexhill sea front, but not so much on one of the most baking hot days of the year. The reflection from light off every white/cream surface around there was blinding.

If you're ever in Bexhill, you can't miss the De La Warr as it's right opposite the sea. It hosts art exhibitions and concerts and has a wonderful restaurant/bar and gift shop. Even if you only pose outside you're sure to come away with some stunning images.
I'm wearing:
Drape pocket sleeveless dress, Yours Clothing
Boyfriend tee (from twin pack), Simply Be
Cropped leggings with lace trim, Yours Clothing
Necklace, birthday gift
Skechers (similar)

The leggings I'm wearing are actually maternity leggings, but I bought them because the wide lace hem is unusual and I liked them. Because they're maternity leggings they pull up under my boobs too, which is handy for comfort. The t shirt I have on underneath my dress is from an older twin pack than I've linked to. I bought a set in the summer in white/blue but that's not available any more, so I've linked to one which looks to be exactly the same style. If memory serves correctly I'm wearing a size 26-28 in the dress, which comes up very large - a size 22-24 would've been fine. I'm wearing a size 28 in the t-shirt, and it's not a generous fit, I'd advise sizing up if possible, unless you like a tight fit. I'm wearing a size 30-32 in the leggings, as they're a really thick material with not much stretch at all. This is why you should take no notice of size labels - whatever fits, fits!

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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