Wardrobe Essentials to Keep You Snug as a Bug This Winter*

Wardrobe Essentials to Keep You Snug as a Bug This Winter
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Winter is here, and things are only set to get colder as the year goes on. So, it’s time to put away your shorts and tees and start opting for layers of cosier clothes. After all, fashion now has to be aesthetically pleasing and practical at the same time. If you ignore this, you could end up finding yourself shivering and questioning why you didn’t put more thought into your outfit choice. Here are a few essentials to stock your wardrobe up with to keep you snug as a bug over the coming months.


First things first, you’re going to need to invest in one or two trusty winter coats. Remember that there’s a big difference between a coat and jacket. The first will maintain a lot more heat and
ensure you’re a whole lot more comfortable out in the elements. Opt for insulating materials and fabrics such as wool. This is a firm winter favourite, as it keeps your body heat in and can withstand windy elements. If you find that there tends to be a lot of rain, frost and snow in your region, you will want to ensure that you have a waterproof alternative too. Windbreakers are particularly great and are the latest big hit in streetwear this season. So consider outdoorsy brands such as North Face. A hood is always a great feature, and black colours draw as much heat as possible from your environment.

Scarves and gloves

It’s time to accessorise! When it comes to women’s accessories to keep you warm this winter, scarves and gloves have to top the list. For milder days, consider silk scarves. This will protect your neck and lower face from sharp, biting winds, but won’t cause you to overheat. For colder and harsher days, opt for chunky wool knits or thick, soft cashmere. Now for your hands. You need a reliable pair of gloves to avoid numb fingers. Often you will be able to find a pair to perfectly match your chosen scarf. Alternatively, you might like to try out some faux leather gloves for a more sophisticated look.


Most of your body heat is lost from your head. So wear a hat! Many people are hesitant when it comes to wearing hats. They worry that they can’t find a style that suits them. But there are so many varieties available that there’s bound to be something out there that’s perfect for your aesthetic. Berets offer timeless chic, bobble hats are cute and cosy, and flat caps can be the perfect addition to any country style outfit.


Okay, you don’t wear this one, but it can definitely help you to get from A to B without arriving dripping wet. An umbrella is an absolute essential in the winter seasons. So why not have a little
fun with it. Of course, a plain black umbrella will be simple and match any outfit, but there are so many fun designs out there that you can’t help but dabble! Consider love heart shaped umbrellas, quirky prints and designer labels. If you ensure that you have all of these things tucked away in your wardrobe, you’re bound to have a much warmer, cosier and drier time in the coming months!

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