September photo diary part 2

Hello lovelies.

Because I'm not feeling like blogging properly (and I don't have any money for clothes) I'm not writing here much at all, so here's a photo diary of September. The first part can be found here.

I've been very lucky and thoroughly spoilt by my friends and social media followers. I've been gifted several care packages with everything from chocolates to notepads to Himalayan salt tea light holders to lipsticks and a velvet kimono. This is Pugsley, a present from my friend Rosie.
I've only been wearing old things as I don't have a lot of money now but at some point I'll start doing outfit posts again, even if they're only charity shop clothes.
 My friend Izz and I. Where would I be without my friends?!
 I saw this sign in Herne Bay and it gave me a well needed laugh.
At Seasalter with my family.
Taking outfit photos in a McDonald's car park. Classy! ;)
My favourite new hang out, Bar Elba in London's Waterloo. It's a great rooftop bar which serves up amazing cocktails and burgers.
Bacon cheeseburger.
I hope everyone reading is doing well.

Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo


  1. Bacon and booze. What else do we need. Okay,clothes and shoes. But other than those, what do we need? LOL. Hope you are doing well.

    1. Thanks Christie. Bacon and booze are two of my major food groups. In fact aren't they THE only food groups? I'm struggling but I'm still here.

  2. adore Pugsley!!! the only thing better is a real pug ( i have one on my lap right now) :)

    1. I've seen your pug on Instagram! What a cutie. :)