How Can You Manage Your Health Using Technology?*

Technology in the modern world is incredible, and is advancing at an impressive rate. One area that’s really taken off is tech for health, and these days it’s easy to monitor, track and improve our health right from our computers or smartphones. Here are a few of the ways you can keep tabs on your health using modern technology.

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Use an Online Doctor

Healthcare in the UK is fantastic, however there’s a significant amount of stress on the system. For this reason when you’re feeling unwell, it could be a few days before you’re even able to be seen by your GP. If you don’t fancy sitting in the walk in centre for four hours, you could use an online dr app. These are real doctors and are able to prescribe medication and diagnose any problems via video chat, allowing you to quickly and conveniently speak to a doctor from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to take any time off work or risk getting ill at the doctors surgery, it’s a fantastic convenient way to manage your health.

Order From an Online Pharmacy

You don’t necessarily need to speak to an online doctor, in many cases you can speak to a pharmacist at an online chemist. These can prescribe various medications that aren’t available over the counter, or can send you your repeat prescription. You save yourself a doctor’s visit and therefore save yourself time and hassle. It goes without saying you should use a legitimate, fully licensed online pharmacy so do your research before placing an order.

Utilise Health Apps

There are tonnes of great health apps out there that can help you manage specific health conditions, your weight, diet or anything else. Have a look in the app store and see what kinds of things will suit you. For diet, weight and fitness tracking apps like MyFitnessPal are useful, Apple also have things like scales which can sync data right to your phone. If you have a condition like diabetes, apps can make it easy to keep track of your blood sugar readings, they can even help you track and remind you to take your medication.

Use a Fitness Tracker

Fitness tracking bands like Fitbit track things like your heart rate and sleep, letting you know exactly how much activity and the quality of sleep you’re getting. They sync to your phone and show the results in easy to read charts and graphs. They can show you where you need to improve, motivate you to work harder when you exercise and generally help you to keep track of your health. You wear them on your wrist just like you would a regular watch so are no hassle to wear. Plus since they tell the time too, they’re a simple replacement for your ordinary timepiece. As you can get different, interchangeable bands they will suit any style.

Do you utilise technology to manage your health? Have you used any of the above, and if so what’s your opinion on it?

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  1. These are great tips and take a lot of the chore and anxiety out of managing aspects of one's health. Kyle loves his Fitbit and tracking his activity. I love that my doctor uses an online patient portal where I can ask questions, send updates, and discuss strategies. Reading this post, I will now look into an online pharmacy to try and save myself frustrating trips to the store where there always seems to be some error or miscommunication. Hope you're doing okay and finding strategies that give you comfort and clarity!


    1. Thanks so much Liz! I love my Fitbit, or at least I did before I found myself in a never-ending ME flare up. I hope to feel better soon. They've started advertising an online pharmacy here a lot over Christmas. I think it's the future for busy lives.