Simply Be floral frill playsuit

Hello lovelies,

I'm back with a summery outfit today. I'm wearing the Simply Be floral frill playsuit, a lovely tomato red cardigan also from them and pumps from George at Asda. There's a widget at the end with links to all three items.

This outfit (minus the shoes) was a gift to me from one of my readers - you know who you are, thank you! I've never worn a playsuit before and didn't think they were for me but I've changed my mind. Because of chub rub I'd wear cropped leggings underneath if I were going walking though.

There's one big thing you need to know about this playsuit and that is there's no zip in the back so you have to cram your hips through the neck hole. I was convinced it was going to rip the first time I put it on, but thank God it didn't. It's a non-stretch viscose material with cute little frills on the shoulders and legs, and it has pockets!

I took these photos on self timer in the back garden as there was no one in to do my photos. I do miss my ex's photography skills, I have to admit! My photos have gone to shit since I've been a singleton.
The cardigan is lovely and soft but I didn't have it on for long as it was boiling hot. I'm wearing a size 28 in both items. If you're busty like me I'd advise sizing up in the cardi as there is some button gape when it's done up.

As you can see I've got my knobbly knees and cellulite out in these photos. I think it's a terrible state of affairs that there's this expectation on young (ish) people to only flash the flesh if it's 'perfect' and blemish free. In some respects I can't wait to be old and give no shits about my wrinkly, less-than-perfect flesh.

Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo


  1. Looking delightful, Leah! And there's nothing wrong with your knees or flesh. Smashing pictures as usual, inspiring the people who don't conform to standards to get up and go forward!

  2. I always worry about going to the loo in on of those! I think your photos look great xx

    1. Thanks very much Cathy. I'm not swanning around in National Trust properties any more so the back garden will have to do. :)

      Oh yeah, you have to get naked in the loo when you wear a playsuit. ;) xx