A catch up of Instagram photos and a lovely wedding


Here is this week's selection of Instagram photos. I didn't take many photos this week, which is most unlike me!

 L - out in the sunshine, Mid - bunting up in the sun room, R - a snack in the car.

 L - one of the tables at this weekend's wedding, Mid - my mother and father-in-law, R - the happy couple doing the traditional Greek money dance.

L - there was lots of booze on the tables, Mid - one of the decorations, R - coming home over the Dartford bridge today.


Yesterday my hubby's brother got married. Weddings are always lovely, that goes without saying. Yesterday was a really fun wedding. My hubby's side of the family are all happy, game for a laugh, smiley people. The family my brother-in-law got married into are a warm, generous and thoughtful Greek-Cypriot family who know how to have fun. The booze flowed, the music was great, and we talked, laughed, sang and danced for hours. The bride was beautiful, the groom handsome, both families proud and chuffed to bits.

The really great thing about uniting two people is that it unites two families under one big umbrella of squishy feelings. Just under 4 months ago when J and I got married I inherited his hundred-strong family of lovely people, and yesterday we inherited a bunch of lovely almost-inlaws, and their friends, who are all warm and welcoming. Our social circle just exploded and I've gained so many more people to care about. A rich life is one surrounded by wonderful people, not things. Happiness in life comes from love given and received. My life is richer for having more lovely people in it. Since we got married I think I've warmed a bit as a person. I really see the importance of spending time with friends and family above all else now. Although there's a buzz from buying pretty new things, lasting joy comes from being with those we love and who love us, so I aim to spend less money on fripperies, and more money on travel to see the people in our lives.

It's all about me striking a balance, attempting to be slightly less shallow and materialistic, and remembering who and what really matters. Yes, a marriage unites more than two people.

If you'd like to share any of your favourite wedding memories, either your wedding or someone else's, please feel free! I'd love to hear them.

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