AX Paris dress - wedding OOTD


As I said in my last blog, we went to a wedding on Saturday, which was amazing.
Here are a few photos (camera phone shots) of my outfit, taken by my hubby.
Dress from AX Paris & cover up from Simply Be
Fascinator from Peacocks (a few years ago)
I do have feet - honest! My hubby's camera phone had dust on the lens, oops.
I included this shot of me so you can see a peek of my handbag
I coordinated the feathers on my fascinator with the handbag, which I bought from eBay, and was pleasantly surprised to see they were almost a perfect colour match. I'm a bit anal about details like that.

I think this is my favourite outfit I've ever worn to a wedding.

Dress AX Paris Curve
Cover up Simply Be
Handbag eBay

My experience with AX Paris was somewhat spoiled by the hideous delivery courier they use, Yodel, who took 9 days to deliver the dress after it was received at their depot. Simply awful. The dress is lovely, a fab price and great quality, but if I needed an outfit in a hurry I'd have to look elsewhere. Sorry AX Paris, change your delivery company and I'll be a loyal customer.

This wedding was a Greek wedding. Have you been to any weddings from different cultures? What was it like? What fun customs did they have?