Nails Inc Eden Grove NOTD


This is my most recent mani.

I was about to reach for yet another purple shade when I stopped myself as the last few NOTD's have been purple. I really love this colour and think it's quite unusual.

Nails Inc Eden Grove swatches
Nails Inc Eden Grove swatches
Nails Inc Eden Grove nail polish swatches

I've snipped my nails down as they look better this way. My hubby will just have to scratch his own back. Seriously, that man wants me to rake his back off every day! I've never known someone be so itchy.

It took 3 goes to get this right. The first time I forgot my quick dry spray and started doing my tea, so I smudged 3 nails. I seriously considered photographing my 2 fingers, but they weren't even next to each other! The second time round I remembered the dry spray but had a packet of crisps and got crumbs in my nails. I've heard of the flock mani, the salt mani, the caviar mani, but never the crisp mani so off it came again! Hahaha. Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

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