Hair cut time and my hair history

I had my hair cut a couple of days ago and I'm really happy with it.

Like most women, my hair is a big deal to me. If my hair looks bad or if I have split ends, it affects my confidence. My mum cut my hair for the first 15 years of my life. My first 'proper' hair cut was saved up for not long before I left school. Once I started work I could afford a fancy hair dresser, and my hair was great (well, great for the 90s!) When I left my home town, I didn't find a new hair dresser for a couple of years so I cut my own hair.

When I finally did go to a posh salon in my new home I was talked into having a really short bob by a slightly overenthusiastic stylist. It was so short the back of my head was shaved up level with my ears and the bob part at the front reached just above my ear lobes and that was it. That was the shortest I've ever had my hair. I didn't go back again. I found another salon when I moved to a town a few miles away. I went there for many years, as my hairdresser was friendly and did a great job.

When I moved into the county I live in now (in a different town) I went back to cutting my own hair for a few years between hairdressers. It was only after I moved to my adopted home town (where I am now) some years ago that I started to make enquiries with my workmates about who was good at hair . A lady at my work always had lovely hair, so when she recommended I call her hairdresser, I was confident things would be OK. That was 5 or 6 years ago now and I'm so relaxed with Helen I just let her do her thing. She could close her eyes and still give me an awesome hair cut. Before I had my hair dye allergy Helen used to dye my hair all kinds of funky colours too.

I'll be going to Helen as long as I live here and as long as she's cutting hair. It's not just that she's good at hair, she's hilarious and we always have a good old natter over a cuppa every time. I always look forward to getting my hair cut, and my hair always looks good even with no styling. I'm a lazy beeyotch and a hair cut has to be low maintenance!

Enough waffle - on to the pics!

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