Rye Nature Reserve revisit


The weekend before last the hubby and I paid a second visit to Rye Nature Reserve in East Sussex. We went there last year with my mum and step dad but went back on our own so we could do a longer walk. As we left home in the car the rain was torrential and we were starting to think we were crazy to go out for a walk. By the time we arrived in Rye there was no rain at all, and it stayed dry the whole time we were there.

The Nature Reserve lies within a large triangle of land extending south from Rye, along the River Rother, past Rye Harbour to the sea, westward to Winchelsea Beach and northwards along the River Brede.

Wild bunnies
A yellow poppy, which is quite rare apparently.

A wind farm in the background
Least Lettuce and Stinking Hawksbeard, which the bunnies munch.

Least lettuce is a wild lettuce, so no wonder the rabbits love it. Stinking Hawksbeard resembles dandelion. More tempting rabbit chow!

Over there is the beach, which is shingle like the sides of the path.

There were all these thoughtful little paths to the beach.

I was fascinated, as you can tell!

Looking in the opposite direction (with the sea at our back) and back to the start of our walk.

It's a great walk if you can't do hills, as it's all flat.

These heavy chains were near the beach, perhaps to secure a fishing boat.

Smiley hubby
 It was terribly grey and overcast, which is why there aren't any panoramic shots of the scenery. I'm sure we're all sick of the greyness we've been having this 'summer', so I didn't feel the need to share any grey views with you :)

We did a 3 mile walk then stopped off for fish and chips, which went down a treat. There's nothing like tiring yourself out in the fresh air then having a well-needed sit down and a good feed.

Where's your favourite place to walk?
Or do you prefer to exercise indoors?

I prefer exercising indoors as my Fibromyalgia means walking for any distance really hurts my joints, but it's more than worth the pain to be outside in nature, especially when the sun shines. According to the weather reports, there's going to be some sunny weather soon. YAY!

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