My wedding outfit is coming together

I wrote here about my outfit for the wedding hubby and I are going to next weekend - in fact, it's his brother's wedding.

Yesterday I bought a lovely handbag for the wedding and some footless tights, both from eBay. I can't wear tights with 'feet' in with any kind of heels as my feet slip down the shoes and my toes get crushed at the bottom. Does anyone else have that problem with tights? I find them so slippery! I've even tried tights or pop socks with grip bottoms but they don't work for me. I need a bit of skin action to stop my feet slipping down my shoes. I'll take plenty of plasters with me just in case I get blisters and I'll probably use those gel cushions for my feet to grip as well. I'll take a pair of emergency flat shoes for the evening just in case I'm in pain.

I bought the handbag for £9.49 including postage. It's 10 inches long, 5 inches high and comes with a long silver chain so I don't have to worry about holding it all day. It'll be big enough to put my essentials in - phone, mirror, make up, etc.

Here is an Instagram shot of the fascinator hair band I'm wearing to the wedding. (This photo was also featured in my weekly Instagram photo catch-up, but you can see it better here, anyway.)

I picked out the blue handbag to go with the blue in the fascinator. I'll keep my nails and jewellery fairly low key so I don't stick out like a sore thumb.

Have you got any weddings or other special occasions this summer? How do you plan an outfit?

I often plan an outfit around an accessory - in this case the I knew I wanted to wear the fascinator, so I planned everything else around it.

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