New Look jewellery BOGOF bonanza!


When I fell face-first into New Look the other day, I also bought some jewellery as it was on BOGOF (buy one get the cheapest free.) Of course the temptation was to go mad and buy loads of stuff, but NO. I do have some control....just not much.

This ring was £3.99

£4.99 for 6 pairs of earrings is pretty good....even if they probably will turn my ears green. Ha! The two items cost me £4.99 altogether.

Girls (and guys if there are any reading) - how do you explain away a splurge to your other half? Do you get into trouble? Do you hide your purchases at the back of the wardrobe? Or is your money your own so you can do as you please?

I'm very lucky, hubby is pretty forgiving as long as I don't go too mad.

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