Photo Blog - a journey through the Peak District


On the way to see our friends in Manchester on Friday, we took the scenic route through from Mansfield and passed through the Peak District. We'd never been there before and were blown away by the gorgeous views. It was a beautiful sunny day and we stopped off at a wonderful country pub called The Lamb Inn in Chinley, in the High Peak area.

Farm wall/road sign and moody sky/sheer cliff faces/stunning view

Yet another gorgeous view/outside the Lamb/collection of Toby jugs/cosy woodburner

The Lamb Inn is gorgeous inside and out. I'd love to go there in the depths of winter and snuggle near the fire. There were candles burning on every table, cosy tartan cushions on every seat and a lovely warm atmosphere which just makes me want to go back again and again. Although we stopped off at the pub and at another vantage point to stretch our legs, we barely touched upon the beauty of the Peak District and really want to go back again next summer, perhaps for a week.

Me inside the Lamb/a well-worn table, the pub sign, me outside the Lamb

Great clouds, sideways/zooming by in the car/an ad for the Lamb in an old newspaper

Although I love going on holiday abroad (when funds allow) there are so many beautiful places to visit in the UK. I'm happiest by far when out in the car with the wind in my hair, the sun on my face and gorgeous views zooming by.

Where is your favourite place to visit at the moment? What makes you happiest?

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