My husband and I


Insomnia can be quite productive. As I was laying in bed last night I was thinking about doing a quiz type thing about me and my hubby, and which would be nice to ask my readers too.

Where we met: We met at a rock pub in London called The Intrepid Fox.

When we met: April 2003, on my birthday night out.

How old we were: I was 29, J was 22.

My first impression: I wasn't at all impressed at first. J was a friend of a friend and asked to borrow a hair band to tie back his long hair. I know for a fact this was an excuse to talk to me, as he never ties his hair back when he's out because he's so vain about it. I thought he was a bit wishy-washy character, and don't actually know why we ended up kissing. Blame it on the booze! Now I thank my lucky stars we got together.

Our first kiss: This is a matter of debate. As it was my birthday, I was quite tipsy and can't remember!

Our first date: We met up at a pub in London, then went to The Intrepid Fox again.

Our first year: Our first year was very challenging. We were 70 miles apart, only seeing each other at weekends, which was a small inconvenience compared with what was to come. 3 months in, despite being on the pill AND using condoms, I fell pregnant and had an ectopic pregnancy. I didn't know I was pregnant until I was dangerously ill. I spent 3 days in hospital and the baby died in my tube. It was a bit of an ordeal really, but not as bad as last year's ectopic pregnancy, by any means!

Our first home: After J and I had been going out for about 18 months, he left London for sunny East Sussex! I'd recently moved into a tiny studio flat by the seaside and J joined me and started job hunting. Since then we've lived in 3 more flats, and are very happy where we live now.

Our engagement: There was no romantic evening, no going down on one knee. Prior to January of last year, we had no plans to get married. I didn't think J was the marrying kind. When I collapsed in hospital last year when my fallopian tube ruptured, J had a real scare. He didn't think I'd make it out of theatre alive (neither did I.) I came out of hospital and one night in bed soon afterwards I started talking about the possibility of getting married. There had been a few suggestions from people while I was pregnant that J should make an honest woman of me, so I kinda said 'Why not?!' Our friends in Sweden kindly offered to help us with the costs if we did get married, so with that little bit of security behind us, we decided to get spliced. It gave me something positive to focus on while I was in pain, which was a bonus.

Our wedding: We got hitched in April this year. We had help from both sets of parents and our Swedish friends Pete and Marina. It was a wedding on a shoestring, but one full of love.

Our goals as a couple: To be parents, pure and simple! To have some fur babies.

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I don't want to leave out my single readers, so if you're single, tell me what qualities you look for in a man or lady friend. (This is absolutely a gay friendly blog.) Do you have a type? Describe them! Tell me your famous crushes!

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