I went to a Simply Be store for the first time

... and came out empty handed!


Hello lovelies. Last weekend when I was in Manchester I was SO excited to visit the Simply Be store in Bury, especially because hubby had told me I could treat myself to something. He very rarely says this, so I was gagging at the bit! Simply Be do clothes in sizes 14-32 and up until last year, was a catalogue only.

My photo of the front of the Bury store

Alas, it was not to be and I came away sans purchases. I think I went at the wrong time - there was a big sale on which took up approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the rails, so there was nothing new that took my eye at all :( I was bummed but I know there's LOADS of stuff in the Autumn/Winter catalogue I want, as I've already circled loads of things in the catalogue. (I think it was too early for A/W stuff to be in the store - the sale was probably running to clear the decks for some autumnal goodness coming in.)

I probably haven't said this before, but Simply Be is the 'place' I go to if I can't find what I want anywhere else. I've been shopping there so long I hardly ever think about it any more - it's as natural as breathing to me! I can always rely on the catalogue to come to the rescue. I've been buying from them for years and years and have the hideous account balance to prove it. I'm not being paid to say this, by the way.

When was the last time you went out to buy something but came away empty handed?

Am I the only one who's really excited about Autumn/Winter stuff coming through? Because we had such a long wait for summer to arrive I started looking forward to Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas. I'm glad summer is here now but I still can't fight off the urge to look forward to cosy nights reading, wrapped up in my leopard print slanket and listening to the wind whistling off the double glazing. Talking of leopard print, I noticed there was a leopard print onesie in the A/W catalogue. I must have it! I love leopard print, as I may have said a time or twelve before.

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