Me wearing clothes! OOTD post.


Yes, here I am in an actual outfit. I know, calm yo' tits! ;)

This was taken on my camera phone this weekend when we were in Birmingham spending time with the bereaved boyfriend of my friend who passed away 2 months ago, so I wasn't overly concerned with my appearance. I changed my shoes before I went out.

Dress New Look
Sparkly cardi Debenhams (a few years ago.)
Leggings Very
Tiger pumps Asda

I really need to wear a belt with this next time as I do have (a bit of a) waist, honest! I'm rubbish with belts. I have a small collection (about 5) but always forget to wear one. D'oh!

What's the one thing you forget to add to an outfit? Something I'm great at adding to my outfits is STAINS! Hahaha.

Thanks for reading!

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