Photo Blog - belated Olympic Torch Relay and Red Arrows


I realised tonight I hadn't posted my photos from the Olympic Torch Relay which came through my home town about 3 weeks ago (17th July). Oops. I also forgot to post photos from when The Red Arrows put on a gorgeous display here a couple of weeks ago (22nd July.) There were all sorts of activities going on, food and craft stalls and bands playing near the seafront.

A candid of my friends

This chap was buoying up the crowd and entertaining us
He reminded me of a cyber Mr Tumnus!

We missed the 'kiss' - the torches being lit one from another - as a lorry parked right in front of us at the vital moment and there were too many people in the way to move. We went home and had a look on the website for the live feed to see the kiss, but the live feed had failed so we never did see it and never will. Never mind, there was a lovely atmosphere and it was really great to be there. We left on a real high.

The Red Arrows did a display here on Hastings Pirate Day. We had an unbeatable view, living as we do up high alongside the sea front. I took all these photos from our sun room windows, believe it or not. Talk about birds' eye view!

 This next one is what you call the money shot. It was pure luck.

I love the Red Arrows and got a bit choked up watching the display. Their skill and precision is utterly amazing and the fact the RAF have a squadron especially to do displays is just wonderful. I love air shows. I used to go to the Biggin Hill Air Fair with my mum and step dad for many years and loved it.

Did you watch the Torch Relay in your town? If so, how was it? 
Have you ever been to a summer air fair?

I'm particularly fond of seaside air shows, like the Southend and Eastbourne ones where you settle down on the beach for the day and get a sore neck from looking up at the sky all day long whilst catching some rays.

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