Instagram photos up to 14th October

Hiya lovelies!

Here's this week's round up of photos.

Home//tiny snail on a postbox//Darling Girl packaging//preparing herbs to freeze//Candy Corn.
Hastings Old Town building//flowers from my mum & stepdad//magazine freebies x2//new jumper from my mum.
Burnt out Hastings Pier//road markings//Hastings cliffs//sea wall/Egerton Park Bexhill.
This week has been the most fraught I can remember for years. I've lost entire days from stress. Tuesday to Thursday has just gone, apart from the stuff I've written here and can look back on to remind me. I couldn't even find my way to the supermarket on Friday. I was trying to direct my step dad there and couldn't brain it, even using Google maps! Inside my head is a scary place at times. Its so frustrating because it's out of my control. Sheer panic sets in when I can no longer remember something I knew the day before, or last week, or that I've known for my whole life previously.

Luckily a shitty week has been countered by a really lovely weekend with my mum and step dad. They came down on Friday morning, and presented me with two bunches of flowers as they came in the door. Aside from Tesco hiding behind a very large magician's cape (I have to see the funny side!) we had a lovely time. We ended up in Sainsbury's in the end, where my mum bought me a new jumper, which I'll show you in an outfit post soon. We went to a couple of museums as the ol' dears love them, and we're pretty fond too.

Yesterday we went to Hastings Old Town. It was raining cats and dogs. We went in the Shipwreck museum, which is really good and free to get in. It's jam-packed full of information and maritime artefacts, if they float your boat (pun intended.) They have a really well stocked gift shop there full of seaside themed goodies, it's really lovely. After that we went for a walk by the beach. We were going to Bonfire Night last night (Hastings has its bonfire 3 weeks early as it commemorates the Battle of Hastings) but we were so stiff and achy from being rained on all afternoon we gave it a miss.

Today we went to Bexhill Museum, which is well worth the £3 entry fee. The volunteers there were all very enthusiastic and helpful and it's crammed full of a wide variety of bits and bobs - everything from a Citroen C5 to an enormous crab. After that we had a walk round the park the museum faces onto, then had some well-needed nosh in a local cafe, as we were starving.

I hope you had a great weekend?

Did you do anything fun?