Darling Girl Swatches Pt 1/Better swatches

Hi lovelies!

Here I have some Darling Girl Cosmetics swatches for you.

About my swatches.

I'll admit, my swatches haven't always been good. Some of the swatches I've done in the past have been too small and not bright enough. However, I have a new strategy. Firstly, now I've bought some Darling Girl Glitter Glue, my swatches pop a lot more. Secondly, I've given up trying to swatch on the back of my hand, it just isn't enough room. I can't use my inner left arm any more since I had my memorial tattoo to baby. Thirdly, I shave the back of my arm and do my swatches there. I shave because there are 17 million freckles on my arms, and I don't want hairs in there as well taking emphasis away from the swatches. Lastly, Sellotape! Using tape on my arm means my swatches are neater.

These 3 colours were free with my last order. There are a lot of photos as I try to capture the complexity of each shade. As far as I can tell 'Frozen In Fear' isn't for sale, it was a free gift with purchase (GWP) for spending over $10.

These swatches were done over Darling Girl Glitter Glue, which really made everything pop.

L-R Frozen in Fear GWP, Moves Like Mick Jagger, Bronze Goddess blush.

Moves Like Mick Jagger

Bronze Goddess.

Moves Like Mick Jagger is so pretty with those blue sparkles in there. Frozen In Fear is just stunning and Bronze Goddess might be something I'd wear in summer. It looks like it'd flatter warm skin tones like mine.

I have lots more colours to show you, which I will do a few shades at a time as I feel it's not overwhelming that way. I don't know about you, but when someone swatches a zillion shades at once it makes my head hurt. Maybe that's just me, though ;)

Keep your eyes out for part 2! Also coming up I'll do a comparison of swatches with and without glitter glue so you can see what the difference is.

Thanks for reading!