Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hello lovelies!

I hope you're all having a great weekend.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. You may be seeing lots of pink products online, in blogs and in the shops. As well as raising money for breast cancer charities, it's really important to catch it early.

Please click through and have a look at the Breast Cancer Care awareness page if you need help in how to know what's normal and what's abnormal with your chesticles.

I'll fess up. I don't check my breasts half as regularly as I should. When I was 15 I had a lump in my breast that really hurt. I went to the doctors and it was a cyst, thankfully. I took some tablets and it dispersed but I had that sheer panic. All that taken into consideration I'm a TOTAL FOOL for not checking my breasts properly.

Your Man is a cheeky little app where dishy men remind you it's time to check your boobaloos. You can set a reminder of your choice or at random. I've picked a monthly reminder for about a week after my period. You can get in for Android phones or for iPhones and it's totally free.

Please bear in mind MEN can get breast cancer too, so while you're checking yourself out, inform the men in your lives too. There should be absolutely no stigma attached to men checking their chests, so please spread the word.

To be perfectly honest I wish there was more awareness of all cancers.

I lost my nan to gall bladder cancer which spread to her liver and in 18 months she was gone. Hugs to anyone who's been touched by cancer - those who survived, those who died and all of those affected.

x x x