News anchor DESTROYS bully on air

Hiya lovelies!

Here's a video I just saw on Tumblr and I've reposted it everydamnwhere.

If you've ever been bullied, if you know anyone who's been bullied - especially if it was about appearance - this is essential and compelling viewing.

Ooh, that's gotta burn! You tell him, lady!

Bullies are weak. Bullies suck. You are better than a bully. If you're being bullied and you live in the UK, please talk to someone.

Bullying UK



Please share the video and spread the word that bullying - no matter what age a person is - is NOT OK.  My hope is that every person out there being bullied could have a Jennifer Livingston figure in their life to kick arse for them. Hugs to anyone who's ever been bullied, or who is being bullied. 

Thanks for reading.