Wants - hibernation time!

Hello lovelies!

The early dark nights and extra chill in the air are making me want to hibernate with a humongous pile of books, lots of warm clothing and lots of carbs. Here is my wintry lust list.

I love this skirt. It's £35 from Simply Be.

I need a onesie. This one looks right up my street. It's £22 from Simply Be.

I've had my eye on this cardi for a couple of months now. It's £25 from Yours.

I love those plum jeans in the photo too.

What have you got your eyes on to see you through Autumn/Winter?


I had my one and only filling replaced today. That tooth doesn't hurt, but a few teeth on the bottom row under it (where the dentist was resting his grip) does. At least the tooth was saved. Apparently the decay under the filling was quite deep and I could tell he was excavating close to the nerve as it was getting a bit ouchy. Hopefully this will do the trick and I won't need root canal! Eeeeek.

I started to read the Harry Potter books for the first time EVER today. I wanted to wait for them all to be out so I could go about it in my usual obsessive way and read them all as quickly as possible. When I mentioned to my cousin last week I wanted to read the books he kindly lent me the first 4. I've read 82 pages in a couple of hours so far this evening.

Eastenders and Holby are on tonight so that'll keep me out of mischief for a while.

I hope your week is going well so far.