Truth time ... I'm Leah and I ...

Hiya lovelies!

After reading a post by British Beauty Blogger (<--fab blogger, go read!) about older ladies in beauty it reignited a fire I've been slow-burning about feeling too old to be here, showing my fizzog and other bits on the internet. I'm sure some people would rather old birds like me would get the hell off the intuhwebz, start wearing tweed skirts and crocheting for fun. Bugger that!

I'm Leah and I am thirtychuffingeight years young.

This year has seen the start of dry crepey bags under my eyes and brown age spots on the backs of my hands. This is a right pain, because generally I've been told I always looked 10 years younger than I am ... well, in adulthood, at least!

I have approximately thirteen chins and sometimes use the fat girl angle shot (also known as the Facebook profile shot) to try to minimise them. Guilty, yer honour!

I use so much flash in my photos I stand the risk of blinding people in the next county in an attempt to hide my monobrow, 127 million freckles, the rash on my face from Fibromyalgia, and the aforementioned eye bags.

I have wrinkly knuckles from washing up without gloves (I can't stand feeling sweaty anywhere, let alone between my fingers UGH UGH UGH) and you know, from moving them to gesticulate at rude sods (always men) who yell unintelligible crap at me from speeding cars. It sounds like ARGAGAGAGAGHHHH.

I have more grey hair than is prudent to rip out.

I have tattoos in places your mother would most definitely find uncouth.

I collect nail polish despite sometimes going yonks without doing my nails.

I have enough make up to break a donkey's back despite not having a flawless canvas to paint it on.

In case these examples haven't got it across - I'm not perfect. I'm just a bird waffling about on the internet. It's just make up, not world peace. But you know what? There are a lot of other people like me who occasionally might look in the mirror sans make up and might think 'Oh, shit!' rather than 'Hubba hubba!' and that's why I'm here plugging away. Besides, I never could get the hang of crochet!

Life is too short for me to think I need to bog off because society favours the young. I'm never going to grow old gracefully. I want to be the eccentric old dear with bright hair, brighter lipstick and a massive twinkle in my eyes. I'll document my finds, take the mickey out of myself, and show you what I'm wearing despite size 10 being so far away I can't even see it, let alone fit into it! *wink*

Going forward, I'm going to be a lot less shy about showing the signs of my ageing. It happens to us all, you know? It's closer for some of us than it is others, but it's how you deal with it that matters. This ol' bird is always going to be neck deep in glitter.

In a post coming up this coming week I'll show you my age-spotted mitts and talk about a great SPF hand lotion I've found to help combat them.

How do you feel about your own ageing?
Do you feel angry when you think about older ladies being expected to take a back seat in beauty?