2012 - My year in review. Jul-Dec

Hi lovelies!

Here's part two of my year in review. I chose to split it into two as it's quite photo heavy.

July saw Olympic fever step up a gear as the torch relay visited Hastings and St Leonards. We also had the Red Arrows do a display over the beach which was absolutely breathtaking viewed through a zoom lens in our sun room! James's brother got married on the last day of July and had a big fat Greek wedding, which was totally fabulous.

August was a month full of Olympic fever. I caught it and bought a Union Jack loo seat, Union Jack bunting for the sun room and Union Jack fridge magnet. Even my Graze box was covered in a Union Jack. We went to Birmingham to celebrate Helen's life on what would've been her 40th birthday. We also went to visit our friends in Manchester and had a lovely time.

The Paralympic Games came to a close having made a whole nation proud. In September I fell in love with Tard the grumpy cat. I made some choices about living a more compassionate life and vowed to turn to cruelty free make up and cosmetics in future. We went out dressed as pirates to celebrate my friend Rach's birthday.

For most of October I was consumed with worry after the roof started leaking into our boiler cupboard (and into the flat below ours.) We had 2 80 litre containers in there at its worst and were very relieved when it was finally fixed after about 4 weeks. We went to our friends Rach and Craig's Halloween themed wedding in Wiltshire.

In November I finally saw my doctor about the depression and anxiety which had been plaguing me for about 3 years. I began preparing for Christmas in earnest. I also fell in love with Models Own's nail varnish offerings and went hog wild.

I was utterly consumed with all things festive - films, music, present buying, Christmas card writing and reading lots of lovely blogs full of ideas of presents to buy and things to make.


Except for the sadness of Helen passing, 2012 was a great year. It was a truly wonderful year to be British - the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the Olympics and then the Paralympics put the spotlight firmly upon our little part of the world and it's been a really feel-good year. It's certainly one I'll remember fondly until my dying day.

Marrying James has made me closer to him and his huge extended family, which is great. Since we've been married James has become a much more thoughtful man and because of that I've been more understanding of him and his strange man ways, hehe. We've also become closer to my dad's side of the family, staying with them a few times in the last half of the year. It feels like our circle of people has doubled in size, and it's such a beautiful thing having so many wonderful people around us.

This has been a year when I've really warmed as a person. I used to be really negative before I met James, but 10 years with him has slowly turned me around to a sunnier perspective. Still, there's a way to go and there were two reminders this year that I'm flawed. Firstly I nearly fell out with a good friend after writing an ill-conceived blog, and then Helen died before we could resolve things. Thus followed a period of deep introspection and I think I'm a more compassionate person as a result. If I could turn back the clock I would, but I can't. All I can do is vow to be less of an idiot in future and be as of much support to Helen's partner as I can.

This year from a blog perspective I did more outfit posts than before, as I decided this is me and people can take it or leave it. Thankfully I've made a few friends in the fatshion blogosphere and of course my existing blog readers have been very supportive. I want to do lots more outfit posts in 2013. I also vowed to stop using negative language about myself in my blog as not only is it not nice to read back on, but it may have upset my readers. I learned self-acceptance is a journey, and thinking of myself kindly is the first step.

I went mad for both indie make up and the cheapo make up goodies MUA do so well.

I became involved in internet campaigning and donating to causes I feel really strongly about this year. I threw out my old thoughts of 'What good can one person be in the grand scheme of things?' and realised that when lots of 'little' people like me get together we can bring about real change.

As much as hubby and I love our home comforts, we've travelled about more than ever this year to see friends and family. We've got packing down to a fine art and are happy out on the open road on our way to see someone we've been missing.

My health got worse but my friend's and James's understanding of it got better so I didn't feel so alone.

I'd like to finish by wishing all my readers a happy New Year. I wish you all good things in 2013.

Thanks for reading this post, and all the others.

See you next year!