An elf-y FOTD and product reviews

Hello dolls.

I did a look t'other day with elf eye products and lips and being the gurning wench I am, I documented it with 327 photos.

I used ELF baked shadows in Burnt Plum and Enchanted, and the matte lip colour in Rich Red.

I overextended my lips in this FOTD. I do it occasionally, and I don't know why I do it, because I think it looks awful on me! My top lip is a lot thinner than my bottom lip, and it tends to disappear when I smile. Added to that, I carry a lot of tension in my jaw and mouth, so I often look tight lipped. Grrr. Someone who overextends her lips all the time is Tess Munster, and it looks great on her. I think because it's quite a new thing for me it feels all kinds of wrong. I think in hindsight it's something best done with neutral shades on me, not bright red. Anyway, you can see for yourselves.

I used Enchanted in the inner corners of my eyes and lightly under my bottom eyelashes. I bought it hoping to use it as a highlight colour under my brows, but it's much too glowy for that. Still, it's a lovely shade in its own right. I blended the burnt plum up towards my brows with Virgin, a skin tone colour from the Naked palette by Urban Decay. It's my most reached for palette by a long chalk and has been ever since I've had it.

It's just occurred to me I've never done a post about the brushes I use when I do my make up. Would anyone like to know which brushes I use and for what? All my brushes are bargain ones but through trial and error I've found some great tools for the job. If you'd like me to do a picture post with the brushes I use every day I will jump right to it!


The baked shadows are pretty pigmented, blend effortlessly and photograph well. However, I was expecting to need less product to get a good effect, but colour pay off wasn't quite as rich as I was expecting on the eye (vs a quick swatch on my fingertip previously.) This may have been because the skin on my fingertips is very different to the skin on my eyelids. In comparison to say MUA eyeshadows, the elf shadow here doesn't apply so creamily, but it does blend equally as well and there isn't tons of fall out like you get with MUA. I did get good pay off with a couple of extra swipes. As the shadows are a bargain price (£3.75) for such a lot of product (3.5g) it isn't a problem. As you can use baked shadows wet or dry, using it wet would've given me a more vibrant look right away. All in all, I recommend these shadows. There's very little fall out and they look very nice on, being satiny without screaming party party!


I have 5 of these in total (I got the other 4 for £1 each a while back when they were on offer) and they are all quite long lasting on me until I eat or drink. Being matte, they are a little drying on me, put that's the price to pay for long lasting colour. I apply them over a very thin layer of lip balm or gloss to avoid that painful drag of matte lipstick over dry Autumnal lips. I can't fault the colour at all. It's a gorgeous red which leaves a slight stain after removal, so if you wanted a more modest look you could apply then blot to defuse the vampish redness. I always put vibrant lipstick on over a little gloss. Because bright colours are so unforgiving a slip up can be hard to remove when applied straight to bare lips, so I use gloss to ensure I can easily wipe off a boo-boo. It's sods law that when using a neutral lippie mistakes are few, but when using something darker I invariably cock up. That's life ;)

Have you got anything by elf? What's your favourite red lipstick?

Thanks for reading!