Soap & Glory Heel Genius foot cream review

Hello loves!

The first thing I tried from the Soap & Glory bundle of goodies The Best Of All was Heel Genius, because I really struggle to keep my feet moisturised.

My heels don't crack, but they are very dry indeed and I have a constant battle to get rid of hard skin and keep my feet soft and smooth. I use the PediPro by JML to slough off dry skin and Heel Genius will be a welcome addition to my foot care routine. It's always best to use a dedicated foot cream rather than a general moisturiser, I think. Our feet take a pounding daily and it's only fair to use the right product for the job.

I'd describe Heel Genius as more of a balm than a cream, because as soon as you apply, it soothes and cools. To me it smells slightly minty. It sinks in quickly (on me at least, but that may be because my feet are very dry) and leaves my feet baby's bum soft and without any annoying dry bits. I hate it when I have dry feet which catch on the bedsheets! If you applied Heel Genius before bed and put cotton socks on, you'd wake up with deliciously pampered tootsies.

Heel Genius costs £5.50 (at time of writing) for 125 ml from Boots online and Boots in store.

How do you take care of your feet? 

I find I have to keep on top of foot care every couple of days, or else I end up with a lot of work on my hands.

Thanks for reading.