I got it! Glorious Soap & Glory

Hello ladies (and gents, if there are any of you afoot.)

I went into town today to pick up the Soap & Glory Best Of All bargain bundle from Boots. My face lit up like a Christmas tree when I saw there were plenty left. Even better, it only cost me £4.50 instead of £27 as I had vouchers to cover the rest of the cost. You can read about the contents in my previous blog here.

The bag it all comes in is a lovely thick canvas with a sturdy zip and a big handle. I'll use it as a travel bag to put all my make up and toiletries in when I'm away from home. It'll be more than sufficient, even for the stupid amount of products I take away with me.

There are 7 toiletries in the bundle and 2 make up items - a mascara and a lip gloss.

I'm curled up in my leopard print slanket with a wheat bag and cushions all around me to conserve heat. When I went into town earlier it was cold, windy and raining and I can't get warm now. Because we live in a flat high up on a hill facing the sea we catch an awful lot of wind here. Brrrrrr!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!