Red hair, a FOTD and boobs!

Hello doll faces!

This is a bit of a hodge-podge post with a bit of everything. Last week I re-did the henna on my hair. I'm allergic to traditional hair dye in a scary way, so it's henna or au natural for me. I have quite a lot of grey, so henna it is! Although going grey is crap, the good news is when using henna, the grey hairs always show up a more vibrant shade of red, so they're natural highlights. You can see this particularly in the last photo in this post.

All photos can be clicked for larger images.

I bought two new bras last week from Evans. The polka dot one below and a teal lacy number. There is a glimpse here of the bra and some boobage. Would you like me to do a proper review of the bras? If so I'll take some better photos of this one and do photos of the teal one.


I'm using eyeshadows from the Urban Decay Naked palette here with Barry M bronze eyeliner on my bottom lash line. It's great for giving a subtle bit of oomph without screaming 'I'm as sparkly as a Christmas tree!' The lippie is actually an old Clinique lip liner in Bamboo which is donkey's years old and was hanging around in my lippie drawer all unloved. It's still available to buy, I checked yesterday.

Do you dye your hair? Have you got any grey?

I found my first white hair when I was 22. It wasn't even grey, just straight in with the white. It's an outrage! :)
Thanks for reading!