Dressing up for fun

When I was a little girl I always wanted a dressing up box, but we were really poor so I made do with my mums too-big shoes and anything else I could lay my hands on, including her nets fresh out of the wash. ;) I distinctly remember swanning around the back alleys behind our house pretending I was a bride. I'm not too sure my mum was a fan of that, but sometimes you've just gotta go when the mood takes you, you know? Now I'm an adult I have more than enough clothes, but that doesn't mean that I always wear sensible things. I might wear clothes indoors that I'm NEVER going to wear outside, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't have fun with them. Sometimes I want to wear things for the fun of it, and this is one of those outfits.

My leggings have gone see-through under the bright lighting I use to take photos, so I'm glad I had good knickers on. Hah.
I have nothing new to sell you here, other than the idea that you can wear what the hell you want whenever the hell you want and if anyone says anything, eat them. I have nothing to sell you other than the idea that you have to look a certain way to be valued is the biggest crock of shit in existence (and anyone who values you less for the way you look is a giant bag of dicks). I have nothing to sell you except the notion that pretty poses are OK some days but what about when you feel fierce AF and want to snarl in front of a camera? The meek fat woman trope needs to die. Acceptable fatness as used and abused by plus size brands needs to die. Size 16 models wearing clothing meant for people up to a size 32 or above needs to die. The whitewashing of fashion campaigns needs to die. Ableist fashion campaigns need to die. Valuing people on their looks and not their hearts needs to die. Telling young girls how their bodies should look and giving them lifelong complexes needs to die. Telling adult women how their bodies should look and carrying on those complexes needs to die.
Don't like my cellulite, thunder thighs and VBO? I don't care. F**k flattering!
I'm wearing:
Huge hair bow, Crown & Glory in lilac
Necklace, gift from a friend
Jumper, from Mookie
Leggings, past season Very
Shoes, past season Matalan

Do you ever dress up just for shits and giggles?
Leah xoxo

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