In praise of comfortable clothes

Very rarely do I go full on glamour and go out wearing something I can't wait to tear off. I've got a few corsets and I own high heels and shapewear, but most of the time I want to look passable without being strung up like a lamb joint. Could I look better with more effort? Of course, but I really can't be bothered. Comfort is where it's at for me 99.99% of the time. Fibromyalgia dictates soft comfortable clothing and who am I to argue?!

I'm doing the fashion equivalent of palate cleansing right now. I've had ugly patterns and the idea that fat women should always wear dresses shoved down my throat for the last few years, so I've lost my fashion identity and need to wash all that bad taste out of my mouth. While I figure out who the hell I am, all I want to wear is plain coloured separates. Not a floral dress in sight! Here's the kind of thing I'm living in at the moment.
Do you like my funky new wall curtain thing? It reflects light like a charm.
Ouch, my shins! This is the same kind of rash that made people think I had cellulitis a month ago. Nope, just a chronic illness thing!
I'm wearing:
Sunglasses, Primark current stock
Cardigan, old George at Asda (I actually wore this cardi on my wedding day).
Dress, past season New Look Inspire
Yours Clothing charcoal cropped leggings with lace panel
Shoes, past Primark wide fit

These leggings are actually maternity leggings. I love highwaisted leggings because I hate the extra line waist length leggings cause under clothes. I like things pulled up under my boobs like a proper granny! I ordered these leggings in black and charcoal, also swayed by the thick lace at the bottoms of the legs, which I love. The black and grey ones fit TOTALLY differently. I bought both in size 26-28 as that's what I wear in some leggings (my faves from Very are loose and a size 24 is more than ample, but when I'm unsure I size up). Anyhow, the grey ones fit like a size 22-24. They aren't size 26-28 plus bump room, they're very undersized, so do size up if you buy them. The black ones are true to size at a 26-28 and are much longer in the legs as well as the body. Go figure! They're both comfortable and a good quality fabric, but I have to really yank the grey ones up to get them where I want them. I should've sent them back but I have no patience for that. They also have them in light grey, which I think I might have to get too. They're £10 each but I'm a sucker for lace. They do fall down often as I don't have a baby bump to keep them up, so bear that in mind. :)

I really don't care if things are meant for pregnant women, or even if the clothes I like are for men. If I like something I'll buy it. I've got a whole outfit coming up soon which is maternity clothes. Seriously, who cares? I've worn nightwear as daywear before and vice versa. Wear what you want in whatever way you want, and if that means being a man and wearing women's fashion then go for it! Fashion rules are made to be broken. Jeez, there's so little fashion for fat bodies just wear what makes you happy. Alter things, get them tailored or wear as-is. I got a really cool longline skull t-shirt from the men's section in H&M before Christmas which is way too small for me so I'm going to unpick the sides to make it a long side slit top, and I'm going to cut the sleeves off too so it's a vest. It'll be tight around the tits but I think I can live with it. ;)

Seriously, BUY THE CLOTHES YOU LIKE and sod the rules.

I have 4 of these dresses I'm wearing in this post, 2 black, a pink one and a red one. New Look used to sell them in twin packs for about £17.99 for the two and they're so handy. They're really stretchy and you can wear them in all kinds of colour combinations. I hope they bring some more colours out soon.

Leah xoxo

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