Black and grey like my favourite tattoos

James had a couple of extra days off last week so we were able to visit a couple of places. I've been having wanderlust recently but I haven't known where I wanted to go, well not on our budget anyway! So we went for a long drive in the countryside then wound up at a place we've been a few times now, the site of Old St Helen's Church in Hastings. Basically the materials from this church were pillaged to build a new church in a different site, so this church was left as a ruin. It's usually quiet here so a great location for photos, and it's pretty picturesque too. If you're a fan of gravestones (as I am) Hastings cemetery is 5 minutes away. You can see a previous visit to the cemetery here. They have lots of gorgeous gravestones.
Everything is old in this post, apart from the sunglasses which are current Primark stock. I love them!

I'm wearing:
Cherry hair clip, Feb Glitterati box
Biker, past season New Look
Dress, past season Scarlett & Jo
Leggings, past season ASOS Curve
Boots, past season New Look wide fit
Bag, past season Peacocks
Now the weather is slightly better we'll be going to lots of nice places. Our calendar is always so busy in the spring and summer months. I need to get my diary out to make sure I don't double book anything, eep! One big thing on the calendar is mine and James's holiday with Mookie and Mike, which is in May. We're going to southern Spain and I can't wait.

Leah xoxo

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