Modcloth dress - Beetlejuice plus spring flowers

I hope you all had a great Easter? I did. My mum and step dad stayed with us for 3 days and we had some nice walks/outings. I took a few days off blogging and feel refreshed and raring to go again. The weather was mostly good, although we got drenched to the skin on Sunday. We all looked a right state, and my step dad hair-dried his crotch when we got in. Hahaha!

Back to this outfit, I bought this dress from Modcloth a few months ago when they did their last Stylish Surprise, which is where they send you an item of clothing at random for a much lower price than retail. It's a great way for them to shift end of line items, and a great bargain for the buyer too. Alas, this dress is no longer for sale on the website, although make me an offer if you want it. ;) I like it, but I'm also having a major re-evaluation of my personal style in favour of block colours rather than patterns, so I could part with it.
I'm wearing a 4X, and this dress has pockets. *angels sing* I think of this dress as being Beetlejuice + spring flowers, and that means double happiness for me as I love them both.

The dress is fully lined with cotton which is a good thing for hot days, but I'm used to things lined with cheap slinky materials which glide over my body (even if they do make me sweat a bit). The dress has a tendency to get a little twisted over my chest - my back is very wide and I have F cup boobs so perhaps this is inevitable with a non-slip lining. It's well made, as all the Modcloth dresses I've tried have been.

I'm wearing:
Biker, past season New Look Inspire
Dress, past season Modcloth
Shoes, current Primark stock

I think these shoes were £3, and they're so comfortable!
Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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