Statement necklaces from Mandy's Heaven

Statement necklaces from Mandy's Heaven

Hiya! In this post I'm going to be talking about statement jewellery from Mandy's Heaven. I came across their website recently and they're a one stop shop for accessories - from bags to hats, shoes, scarves, and of course jewellery.

I've worn a couple of pieces in some outfit posts which are coming up in full soon, so here's a sneaky peek of what's to come!

Here I'm wearing the Swirl Pendant Necklace, which is a chunky silver tone necklace on a short chain. I'm wearing this on almost the shortest length as I prefer short necklaces to sit above my clothes. It's a well made and sturdy piece with a bit of weight to it.

Statement swirl pendant necklace from Mandy's Heaven online boutique

Something I like about Mandy's Heaven is that the pieces are big and bold. I'm a big woman and small pieces of jewellery get lost on me. I want large statement pieces to balance me out and all of the necklaces on the website are large in size or impact. I feel the jewellery on the website is perfectly suited to the plus size frame, both in the respect of impact and that some of the necklaces have very long chains. For a necklace to come below the my boobs it has to be quite lengthy and there are some very long necklaces on there which makes me happy. There's nothing worse than losing a necklace in my cleavage!

Below I'm wearing the Short Jewel Statement necklace. Again this piece is well made, with a chunky chain and a substantial clasp. It's so good not to have to fiddle around with tiny clasps on either of these pieces.

Short Jewel Statement necklace from Mandy's Heaven online boutique

I wore the second necklace last week at my mum and stepdad's vow renewal service, which was lovely. I got lots of compliments on it. Aside from jewellery, Mandy's Heaven also do a range of really dressy sandals which would be great for holidays abroad. I could imagine wearing these on a cruise, especially that middle pair, which remind me a little of mother of pearl, which I love. 


They also do a range of clothing, which although feels too mature for me, is the kind of thing I know my mum adores. If you have relatives of a certain age, you know where to go to treat them.

The good thing is jewellery is ageless and it's a great way to get bang for your buck and change up the look of an outfit. I've yet to see an article for women over 40 telling us what kind of jewellery we can wear - unlike the plethora of articles telling women of a certain age how to dress (ugh!) -  and long may it last.

Are you a statement jewellery kind of person or a lover of the understated?

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo
*Necklaces sent by Mandy's Heaven

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