Big Tights Company anti chafe shorts and seamless underwear

Big tights company big bloomers company anti chafing long legged knickers plus size chub rub summer thigh sweat
Before I went on holiday to Spain I reached out to the Big Tights Company to see if they had some ideas for keeping me cool in the heat, as I've got some of their other products and they're always of the highest quality. This year's holiday was my first warm weather holiday abroad since 2007 so I was concerned about coping in the heat. They sent me some anti chafing shorts, seamless knickers and a lace edged vest and knickers set. Read on to see how they helped me beat the heat!

Big Tights Company All Woman anti chafing long leg knickers size 24-28

I'm fat and my legs rub together when I walk, but then they always did. It's nothing to do with size and everything to do with pelvic placement. Even at my lowest weight my legs always rubbed. It's just the way I'm made. Big Tights do these shorts from a size 12 as they know it's not just us plus size folk who suffer in the heat! I already had a pair of these anti chafe shorts in an airy size 30-36, so I wanted to try them out in a smaller size to see how fit and comfort would be affected. Please read my previous in-depth review of the long legged knickers in a size 30-36 here. I found the bigger size very cooling (no swamp crotch) and I'm glad to say this size is equally as comfortable. They pull up over my bum and stay put all day both in the waist and in the legs thanks to the wide hem, but they don't dig in. They aren't just comfortable from the perspective of keeping your legs from chafing, but they actually stop you from sweating altogether. I've said it before, but I think it's witchcraft. These are a summer essential. Buy here. You can buy one or a pack of three.

Big tights company big bloomers company anti chafing long legged knickers plus size chub rub summer thigh sweat

I also have the shorts in a short leg length in a size 24-28 and these weren't so good on me. It depends where your fat distribution is on your legs. My legs touch almost to my knees, so I do need something that comes down quite far. What tended to happen with the short legged ones was if I pulled them up high enough to sit at my waist, there wasn't enough length left in the leg for me to be completely comfortable - they sit about 4-5 inches above my knees. I think that if I'd sized up to the 30-36 in these I would've had enough coverage for my bum and my legs, but in this size there just wasn't enough material to do both. But again, it depends where you need the coverage to be. I know many plus size women with relatively thin legs who wouldn't find the short leg length a problem. And at least now I know that the longer length is better suited to me. It's what you're used to as well - I'm used to having comfort shorts to my knee or even cropped leggings under skirts and dresses, so I feel a bit naked with a lot of leg being exposed to the air. Buy here. They also do short legged ones with lace on the legs here.

Big Tights Company All Woman Lace Edged Vest and Knickers Set

This lace edged knicker and vest set is great. The lace is soft, not scratchy and the fabric of both is ribbed and soft. There is a lot of stretch in both the knickers and vest. I've worn the vest on a few different occasions. Because it's so stretchy it really makes my boobs stand out and the lace edging adds a little something to every outfit, regardless if it's casual or smart. I wore the vest on holiday under my Lindy Bop dress in this post.

Big tights company big bloomers company all woman lace edged vest and knickers set plus size underwear plus size lingerie cooling in the heat comfortable plus size underwear

Big tights company big bloomers company all woman lace edged vest and knickers set plus size underwear plus size lingerie cooling in the heat comfortable plus size underwear

I also wore it for a relaxed walk in the woods under a checked shirt. There is only one drawback with this vest and that's because it's highly stretchy, it does tend to ping up to my smallest part, being my waist. I find if I tuck it into my knickers or leggings then it doesn't do it as much. It's really a small thing to mention when it makes my boobs look so amazing, but I'll always be honest and bring up the good and bad points of an item so you have a balanced view.

The straps on the vest are wide enough to cover up the wide straps of plus size bras, which is always a thoughtful touch. Buy here. I will be buying one of the vests in white as well - you can buy the lace edged vest and knickers together or separately if you want one without the other.

Seamless knickers

These knickers are so comfortable I actually bought some more when I came back from my holiday! I have a pair for every day of the week and then some. I'm wearing them now! I have them in black, white and nude. They're made of the same fabric as the anti chafing shorts, and they actually prevent you from sweating. I don't know how, but it's magical. I find them even cooler than cotton knickers. Seriously! They're not just comfortable because they don't make me sweat, they just fit so well. I'm wearing the size 24-28 and there's lots of give in them. The don't pinch in the waist or the legs, they just hug me perfectly. If I had my way everyone would wear these. They're that good!

The only drawback to these knickers is when I'm on my period I can't wear them. Sanitary towels don't stick to them at all because they're so smooth, so I do wear cotton knickers when I'm on my period. The other drawback to them can be if you're wearing them AND the anti chafe shorts over the top, the chafe shorts will slip down. Again this is because the fabric of both has some slip. This of course can be avoided by wearing the long legged knickers with nothing underneath, which is perfectly acceptable thing to do, or wear cotton knickers underneath.

Another great thing about these knickers is they wash and dry so well. They come out of the washing machine barely damp at all. I dried mine in the sun on holiday and it took no time at all. They're perfect for taking on holiday as they scrunch up to nothing in your case and barely weigh a thing. I did mini reviews on Instagram on holiday and afterwards so I've included that information as well lest I repeat myself. You can buy them here. You can buy them singly, in a pack of 3 mixed (nude, black, white) or 3 black, nude or white.

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Thanks to Big Tights I had a comfortable time on holiday, and if you're struggling with the heat I recommend you check out some of the solutions on their website.

Thanks for reading.
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*Items provided by the Big Tights Company

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