More adventures in layering

Once again I'm wearing one of my In The Style Curve dresses. No, they're not paying me - I bought them all myself. I just love plisse fabric - so luxe, but so wearable for every day looks too. It does show up my VBO (visible belly outline) and it does make the cellulite on my bum look worse but I don't care - those are parts of my body that millions of people share and there's nothing wrong with them on me or you. Read on for more.....

I decided to team this bronze coloured dress with a crop top from New Look which I bought sometime last year. The lining of the crop top is similar to the colour of the dress and I think they look lovely together. Of course a sleeveless look is very impractical at this time of year in the UK, and were I wearing this outside I'd team it up with a snuggly coat and some kind of covering on my arms. I used to be quite the cardigan fan, having many in all the colours of the rainbow, but I've gone off them and now prefer jumpers or smarter coverups like velvet jackets, of which I have a couple.
The necklace I'm wearing is from a charity shop and has faux pearls and crystals in it. I love pearls, although as much in the opposite direction of a Stepford Wife as it's possible to be. I'm more likely to wear them naked than I am over a twin set and sensible skirt. 😝 If you Google 'pearl collar necklace' you'll find lots of other necklaces like this. I've linked to one from a reputable seller below, but you can also get them for cheaper on those Chinese websites, but I don't want to link to any in case they're dodgy. Also check eBay and Etsy, who have some listed too.
You can see my phone in a lot of these shots because I use it to remote control my camera. I just have to press the screen and it takes the shot.

I'm longing for spring and an end to the nocturnal habits seasonal affective disorder gives me. It's not just that I sleep less well, it's that I can't get to sleep till 5, 6,7, even 8am or later. By the time I finally sleep and wake up, it's getting dark so I rely on allll the lighting we have in the living room plus softbox lighting....and it's still too dark. I long for actual sunlight again! If I were a rich person I'd wave a magic wand and spend October to March somewhere sunny, so I could feel like whole person, not a dried out husk of a human. Still, it's getting darker a little later every day and I can s-l-o-w-l-y feel some lifeblood coming back to me.

I'm wearing:
Pearl collar necklace, similar here £36
Cami top, £6 New Look via ASOS
Bronze pearless dress, In The Style Curve £17.49
20 denier tights, Big Tights £6.95 up to size 42
Patent wedges, similar here £35 up to size 10 UK

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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