Dusky pink and stripes feat. New Look and Junarose

It feels like a while since I did an outfit post. I've been taking outfit photos every weekend as usual but I've found a reason not to share them every time. The reason I didn't share these? The coat arrived the day before we took these photos and the creases hadn't dropped out from being folded up in transit. 😁 I can see that's bloody ridiculous now! I fall into that daft blogging 'EVERYTHING must be perfect!' mentality every once in a while, which is a dead-cert way for me to make myself miserable. I am NOT a put-together girl. I've always got hair in my eyes, lipstick on my teeth, my skirt tucked in my knickers or some other minor calamity, or all of them at once, and that's OK. It's not like a fashion shoot where you have a hair and makeup person and someone to check everything's in place before a single shot is taken. James wouldn't notice if I dropped a tit out, let alone if my necklace is off centre or I've smudged my eyebrows halfway across my face. 😉 This is a blog, not Vogue, so I don't know why I put myself under such impossible pressure. If you're a blogger and you're nodding along to this, cut yourself some slack, yeah?
Now I've told myself to shut the hell up, I love this outfit just as I did when I wore it! The coat is a sale one from New Look, which I got for half price and another 20% off on top of the sale price, which was a bargain. The dress is a funny one. I ordered a red knitted 3/4 length dress from Junarose in the new year sale and they sent me this instead. I wasn't impressed with the hanky hem at first, but then I tried it on and felt the soft organic cotton and I was sold. From Googling it looks like it was sold on Navabi, but isn't any more, nor is it for sale on the Junarose website either. The dusky pink stripes coordinate with this coat so perfectly. I'm in love with everything dusky pink right now. I'm wearing an XL in the dress which equates to a 22-24 in Junarose's sizing but their sizing appears to be very generous. I would definitely buy something from them again in the future now I've seen the quality for myself. They do a lot of timeless items for a reasonable price.
I didn't risk my life standing in the middle of the road taking these shots. Only one car came past the entire time we were there. That's why I love the countryside - so peaceful. Just us and the sheep in the background of some of the shots.
I got this handbag after seeing it on another blog. It's a knock off of a really expensive bag but I didn't buy it for that - I couldn't care less if something's from a pound shop or designer. I liked the design so I got it in 2 colours, black and grey. They were about £12 including postage, which isn't too bad for a classic looking bag. It has lots of pockets (as you can see in the photo below). I've been taking it everywhere with me and the only thing I will say is the top flap is faux suede and it collects so much fluff off my clothes! I need to go over it with some tape to remove it all.
The tights I'm wearing are the 90 denier ones by Big Tights. I have about 4 pairs now and they're rarely off my body. They're supposed to be for up to 60 inch hips, but mine are considerably bigger than that and they fit me a treat. However, if you're large of hip and really tall there may not be enough stretch. I'm 5ft 5 and a half so that's probably why they're so roomy on me. They wash great, I can walk without getting chub rub in them and they don't rustle when I walk. They do tend to fall down though, which can easily be fixed by wearing a second pair of knickers over the top. They're out of stock at the moment - they had an introductory offer where they were £7.50 instead of £15 - so I expect they were overwhelmed with the demand. I hope they're back in stock soon.

I'm wearing:

Coat, New Look Curves sold out online and on ASOS, check stores for availability
Striped dress, past season Junarose (Junarose is also available from Navabi and ASOS)
All woman 90 denier tights, Big Tights Company £15
Shoes, past Rocket Dog
Shoulder bag, eBay £12.45

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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