Clouds in my coffee - a bodycon outfit

I'm wearing an old dress from New Look Curves (or Inspire as it used to be called back then) and as soon as I put it on I felt RAWWWWWWR. This fierceness just came about me, and when I added the lipstick and the flower crown my look was complete. Anyone who underestimates the power of clothing to completely alter a mood is bananas. 🍌 Clothing can be camouflage, armour and more. Read on for more pics and the rest of the outfit details.

A plus size bodycon outfit //
 Here I am trying to channel Frida Kahlo. What a wonderful artist she was.

I'd lost this dress, I'd even forgotten I had it! But after we moved and everything was unpacked it turned up again. Here's to falling in love with older items again. I've also had these Rocket Dog shoes for a few years (also bought through New Look) and I'm wearing them allll the time at the moment. I've got wide feet and these shoes fit me fine, I didn't have to size up for extra width, so that's worth bearing in mind if you like the look of Rocket Dog shoes. They took a little bit of wearing in but it was quick and painless. When we were getting ready to move and I was having a radical clear out (22 bin bags full of stuff!) I gave another pair of these to the charity shop. They were leopard print and I really regret giving them away now, but at least someone would've got a bargain.

A plus size bodycon outfit //
I'm going to copy over the text I used when I posted this photo on Instagram:

Letting it all hang out. This is my body, my menstrual body, but my body nevertheless. I think you can tell from the look on my face there are no fucks given. You know what's exhausting? Giving a shit what other people think. Caring about all the 'rules' about what fat people can wear. Wondering if troll bastards are going to have a dig because they say I'm going to die before I'm 40. (I'm 42 so get fucked). All of this shit fat people carry around with us is heavier than our bodies. Let's remember some things to lift us, not drag us down. We are entitled to live lives free of hatred, stigma, abuse and ridicule. If people choose to do those things it's on them, not us. Remember you're worthy and loveable whatever you look like. Anyone who tries to strip away your humanity and treat you as less than them because they don't like the way you look is a complete scumbag.

A plus size bodycon outfit //
A plus size bodycon outfit //
I'm wearing:

Flower crown, Crown & Glory Glitterati subscription box
Dress, past New Look Curves
20 denier tights, Big Tights Company £6.95
Shoes, past Rocket Dog, similar here £38
Lipstick - Illamasqua Apocalips

I don't get the Crown and Glory Glitterati box any more. I think I was a subscriber for about 15 months. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it (there's a secret Facebook group just for Glitterati members) but after 15 months I had a LOT of hair accessories and I decided to give it a pause for a while and go back to getting beauty boxes instead. I probably will go back to it at some point in the future as it's an absolute bargain. It's £23.95 a month including postage to the UK and you get at least £50 of goodies each month. Of course not everything is to your taste, but the surprise coming through the letterbox every month is all part of the appeal.

These tights are great. I've worn them a lot recently. £6.95 is a lot for a single pair of tights but I put them on and remove them carefully. I take my rings off when I'm putting them on and wash them in an old pillowcase to stop them getting snagged on zips or buttons in the wash and I do get a lot of wears out of them this way. If I do get ladders I'll just wear them with grungier outfits where that fits in anyway. Every cloud has a silver lining!

Have you found anything in your wardrobe recently that you'd forgotten about?

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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