Cruelty free perfume - Pop by Stella McCartney gift set from Fragrance Direct*

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I've shopped with Fragrance Direct a few times now. They do makeup, fragrance, skincare and gifts at prices far more affordable than the high street. They got in touch to offer me a fragrance to review and I chose Pop by Stella McCartney as it's cruelty free - it isn't tested on animals. Pop is a light fragrance, perfect for every day wear. Read on to see what I think of it.

It's a wood-floral mix, featuring tuberose and sandalwood, as well as powdery and citrus accords. I'm not much of one for going into raptures about individual scent notes, but I will tell you this perfume smells like happiness in a bottle. I'd never tried any Stella McCartney perfumes before, not even so much as a cheeky spray on my way through Boots. As it was described I didn't think I'd like it that much as I prefer heavy floriental scents, but this is a great every day perfume for when you want to enter a room before you perfume does.

As you can see it comes in a lovely gift box. This set comprises of a 50ml eau de perfume and a roller ball for when you're on the go. This particular set isn't online any more, but they do have it in a 30ml EDP and rollerball here for £27.99 and free shipping, which is a complete bargain as the 30ml bottle alone costs up to £40 with other retailers.
Cruelty-free-perfume-Stella-McCartney-Pop-Fragrance Direct //
There are some days when I intend to slay a man with the amount or strength of the perfume I'm wearing, but this perfume is great for days when I don't want to make too much of an impact. It's light and fresh and it reminds me of summer. In fact I can't stand to wear my usual knock-em-dead perfumes in summer (does anyone else change scents with the seasons?) as they're so intoxicating they don't tend to mix well with hot skin, but this perfume I could happily wear on the hottest of days.
Cruelty-free-perfume-Stella-McCartney-Pop-Fragrance Direct //
Something else which is great about this perfume is it doesn't give me a headache. If you're chemically sensitive like I am - mine is caused by Fibromyalgia and ME - you may well find that this perfume is light enough not to make you feel ill. I'd suggest asking if there's a tester to smell it in Boots or Superdrug then buying it from Fragrance Direct for less money.
Cruelty-free-perfume-Stella-McCartney-Pop-Fragrance Direct //
It isn't the most long lasting perfume on me - I'd say it lasts 3-6 hours on my body chemistry - and it doesn't hang around a long time on my clothes either, but I actually like that. It's perfect for days when I'm not feeling great and don't want to be breathing in a heady perfume all day.

Have you tried this perfume, or any of Stella McCartney's other scents? This would make a lovely Valentines gift for someone.

Thanks for reading.
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