Recent cruelty free skincare/beauty purchases

Here are some recent cruelty free purchases I've made. I don't talk about cruelty free beauty items as often as I should - I've been on this CF thing for about 5 years but rarely talk about it as it's so normal to me now.

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Aldi don't test any of their own label products on animals, which includes their Lacura beauty range. The Lacura light-reflecting concealers are £2.99 each and I bought them from Aldi online with free delivery as they didn't have them in stock at my local store when I popped in. It's a repurchase as I love them. I bought two shades this time - Savannah and Cashmere. Cashmere is the lightest shade and I use it for my under eye area and for tidying up my brows after I've drawn them on. As it has bristles you can really fine tune with it. Savannah is for medium skintones and I got that to cover some darker marks I have on my face - melasma from the sun. This is the first time I got the darker shade. I've only had Cashmere before. It only comes in 3 shades which is a bit rubbish as there are so many shades of humans, and everyone deserves a chance to wear this great concealer. I hate that dark skins are left out of so many makeup products. The two shades I got are out of stock online in the UK now, so check in store.

These are click pen concealers, very similar in design to Touche Eclat by YSL. This Aldi one is of the only concealers I've found which doesn't sit in my fine under eye lines and make me look 103. I've bought Touche Eclat (otherwise known as Radiant Touch) in the past and in my opinion this Aldi one is just as good, and it's £20 cheaper. I will repurchase this for long as they make it. Big recommend from me. It lasts months and months too. If you get one, you have to click the button on the end about 20 times before anything comes out. It just needs a good ol' pump to get the goodies flowing.


The soy face serum for mature skin was £3 or £4, I can't remember exactly. I bought it in store last week. This is also a repurchase. It's a light, easily absorbing milky white serum which is a first step after cleansing and toning and before I moisturise with an oil. I really like it and my face feels soft and plump and has a natural glow to it on the days I use it. It doesn't have a strong scent, which makes me happy as I have a heightened sense of smell. It's formulated with soy and vitamin E to improve cell regeneration; Co-enzyme Q10 to reduce the appearance of fine lines and argan oil and shea butter to improve suppleness. I recommend this if you're of a certain age (it's best used from your 40s onwards).


I got an Unani cleansing milk in a beauty box a few months ago and was thrilled it wasn't tested on animals. I've purchased a spare as I love it so much. I have sensitive skin and sensitive eyes and it doesn't irritate them. It smells divine and as it's quite runny a little goes a long way. I've used all kinds of cruelty free cleansers and this is my favourite one to date. It makes my skin look amazing - so glowing! It's moisturising as well. Dream cleanser! I got this second bottle from eBay for around £5 (probably from someone who got it in a beauty box and didn't want it) but if there aren't any stockists on there you can get it on Glossybox *AL here for £13.60. It's well worth every penny. They're a Spanish brand and I'll be looking out for more from them.

I have another post coming up soon with cruelty free nail care and nail varnish.

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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