Recent cruelty free nail/nail care purchases

I've decided to talk more about using cruelty free items. I've been on a mission for about 5 years now and about 95% of everything that comes into this house to use on my face, body, and for cleaning/laundry hasn't been tested on animals. Here are some recent nail care and nail polish purchases I've made.

I can't remember if I got these strengthening nail masques in a beauty box or if they were a gift. I wasn't expecting a lot from them as I can have an allergic reaction to anything, but they blew me away. You slip on the little pre-soaked covers and leave them on for 15 minutes then massage any excess goop into your nails and cuticles. It made my fingers and nails feel so soft and moisturised. I may buy a bunch of these and do one a week. Montagne Jeunesse are a PETA-accredited cruelty free company. Some companies are cruelty free but may not make PETA's cruelty free master list because PETA are very strict.

It gets a bit muddy here on out: companies who don't test on animals (like The Body Shop) are totally cruelty free, but sometimes their parent company (in this case L'Oreal) will perform tests on its other products. You draw your own line - I do use Body Shop products, but I wouldn't touch a L'Oreal product with a shitty stick. I totally understand if others choose to boycott an entire group, even its cruelty free sub-companies.  If you're a vegan it becomes even more complicated as even some cruelty free companies aren't fully vegan. Once you start caring about things like this you soon realise how complicated it is to have a conscience. I don't judge anyone who's trying to live a kinder life. It all makes a difference.

Anyhow, back to the subject at hand (pardon the pun!) Here are my nails after using the masques. I only waited 10 minutes as well as I'm impatient. You can get Montagne Jeunesse products from supermarkets and chemists like Boots.
I also bought some Barry M nail polishes recently. Barry M have existed since 1982 and have never tested on animals. L-R Bronze Bae, Twinkle Twinkle and Copper Mine. Twinkle Twinkle is limited edition.
I really like the formula of Barry M polishes and now they've changed the brushes to oval shaped applicators they're even easier to apply. I never find the drying time of them too tedious and I like the wear time and the cheap price too. What can you say about nail varnish that costs £3.99 a pop and is often on 3-for-2? These shades are all quite similar as I love the bronze/golden pink/copper colour scheme. I need new nail polish like I need a hammer in the head, but it's a cheap cheer up and it gives me something to do for 10 minutes. Doing my nails is always relaxing 'me' time. I'm such a perfectionist though I want to take it all off as soon as it chips, and I'm very handsy, so sometimes that's barely 15 minutes later!
I'm going to try to do cruelty free posts at least once a month from now on.

Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo


  1. I need those nail polishes in my life, they are gorgeous. I've seen the mask things before but was a bit sceptical, although I do love their sheet masks. Will have to give them a go my nails are horrid at the moment. No time to look after them :(
    ps tried to comment on my phone but wouldn't let me not sure if its my OS or if comments can only be posted on desktop.

    1. Oh thanks for letting me know Nic, I'll go check that out now! So many problems on this blog since my rebrand. Nothing has ever been just right since. Eep!

      They're lovely aren't they?! I think Superdrug has 3 for 2 at the moment. I was impatient and took the nail masques off after 10 mins instead of 15 and they still made my nails look amazing, and they felt stronger for days afterwards. I've had a growth spurt since too, so I'm going to track them down and buy a bunch so I can do one a week. xx

  2. Off to Superdrug I go. I'm able to comment on my phone now btw

    1. Yes, great news! I hope they had the colours you wanted. :) xx