This fat girl loves horizontal stripes

I've decided the people who make up fashion rules for fat people must be really boring. Saying we need to avoid horizontal stripes as they make us look fatter makes no sense to me. Newsflash - I look fat whatever I wear because I AM FAT. I'm not going to let that curtail my fashion choices and neither should you. If you've ever been told you're too fat/skinny/old to wear anything, phooey. Wear the thing and be happy.

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I'm wearing:
Dress, past season George at Asda
Red tights, Big Tights Company
Flats, past season ASOS
Necklace, gift from a friend

This was one of those just-thrown-on outfits that worked. Sometimes I plan outfits in detail and they lack punch, so it's nice other times when things work when they're chucked together in haste. I think I tend to have more luck with outfits when I don't plan them, to be honest. There's something to be said for spontaneity!
One of my eyebrows is smeared in these shots. I'll wait while you have a look. 😝
This was one of these outfits I almost didn't publish. I've talked a bit lately about feeling blogger pressures, and one of my self-imposed ones is feeling I always have to have a glorious background in my shots for them to be good enough. This is a load of ol' toffee though because I barely even notice the background when I look at other people's outfit photos - I always focus on them. I just love seeing clothes on bodies, and I wish I could be as kind to myself in my head as I am to other people. I'm a work in progress, but aren't we all? 😊

Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo


  1. I actually really love the background. Those bricks are gorgeous and the trees are amazing. I like the frosted glass in your balcony there.

    I wonder how much brick do you have available there, could you do shots with an all brick background in the future? Some outfits would really shine against that colour of brick background - in fact this stripey black and white one would be awesome! :)

    Perhaps bricks are a bit of a thing here in Australia, well for my family anyway. My grandfather did not like any of the bricks available on the market when it was time to build his house, so he had all of his kids out in the yard for 6 months making bricks of his own style. He made them slightly larger than a normal brick and they were almost that colour you have there. Now, so many new houses here are being rendered because most of the bricks are so awful looking.

    I watch that Location show with Kirstie and Phil with great brick jealousy just so you know. :)

    I love this outfit and especially the shoes. ;)

    1. Your grandfather had some real spirit! There's not a lot more brick to stand in front of on our balcony, round the other side there are 2 massive windows. I could take photos round the side of the building on the ground floor, where there's a lot more brick.

      These shoes look amazing but they're the most uncomfortable shoes ever. I can only stand to have them on for about 15 mins. They squish my toes.

  2. Always loved stripes myself, great dress.

    1. Thanks Belinda! I love all kinds of stripes, but horizontal ones are my favourites.

  3. I absolutely agree. I always heard that line about horizontal stripes make you look fatter and thought - fatter than what? I am fat. Pretty much going to look fat no matter what I am wearing. I love your backgrounds. I do check out the scenery in pictures. I think bathroom pics with the toilet in the background are hysterical, but I am weird that way.

    1. Hahaha, I remember years ago seeing a shot of a poor teenage girl who'd done a selfie in the bathroom, complete with the breathe-in-and-arch-your-body shot to look thinner, and she'd left a big turd down the toilet. The poor girl! I bet her life was a misery for years after that.

      I ask James if my bum looks big in things and when he grins and says yes I say GOOD!

      I look fat in everything I wear so I figure I may as well wear what makes me smile that day. :)

  4. I agree that anyone should wear what the hell they want. I love the colour combo. Any colour of tight would look awesome with the dress and shoes.
    Ps I have some bum envy I wish I had a little more junk in my trunk 😀😐

    1. You can have some of my bum. There's plenty to go around! :)

      Yeah everything goes with black and white. I think hot pink tights would look great with this too. I hope the Big Tights Company brings out more of these tights in bold colours. xx

  5. You look F**king amazing in stripes. The shoes are so pretty.. I have huge envy!