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I'm currently watching Bordertown, which is a Finnish crime drama. It's set near the border of Russia and it's a typical dark Scandi thriller, which I love. I love Scandi writers like Jo Nesbo and I love their dramas too, like Wallander.



The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan. It's a lovely book, easy to read and heartwarming. I finished it last night and it left me feeling happy.


Money disappear out of my bank account like a bucket with a hole in it. 



To gather birthday presents for my two gal pals whose birthdays are next month. 


I just finished watching Top of the Lake, a drama set in New Zealand. It was weird, but good. Weird in that the characters were all oddbods and the dialogue was kind of disjointed, but maybe that was the point. Elisabeth Moss was very good in it. I watch a lot of tv but I'm chronically ill, so bite me. 😛


Eating cereal directly out of the box, avoiding housework and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Yup, a mental health slump but I'm getting through it one day at a time.


No one. I is misanthrope. 


My blog! I sometimes look at it just before bed and think 'I did all this!' Considering my mental and physical health challenges I'm doing all right. And I don't do comparisons to other people anymore, so phooey to that!


The bloody Conservatives. If  you have absolutely anyone in this world you care about, vote Labour. Mr Corbyn may not be someone you can see in power, but do you really want the NHS run into the ground? Do you really want sick and disabled people to face a continuing witch hunt, blamed for all the crimes of the bankers? Jeremy has potential to grow. The Tories have potential to kill.

Thanks for reading. What are you up to at the moment? Lemme know!

Leah xoxo


  1. Shopping! Love that Minions GIF lol. Can’t wait to see what you bought! I love these kinds of posts. Inneresting. I, too, have been avoiding housework and drinking lots of coffee (as you might remember) but one thing I couldn’t face is eating cereal from the box. Wah. My tongue coils up at the thought! Tooooo dry. I don’t really like milk either, so I guess I’m not a cereal fan :) For “making” recently I’ve made a couple of pear cakes. Pears are in season and Corby loves them. It’s just a regular butter/pound cake with raw pear baked in the middle and on top (in a v v flash circle pattern!!) that I coat with cinnamon sugar before baking. It goes all cripsy and the boys love it with custard after dinner. Corby is always “backed up” which is a blimmin’ nightmare frankly, and pear is full of fibre, so every little heaps. xxxxxxxxx

    1. There has been a stream of stuff. I've spent my birthday money about 3 times over so far and I haven't even banked the checks I got for my birthday! Dear lawwwd. I'm holding out now though because my family are coming to stay in about 10 days, so that'll be a very spendy time with socialising and whatnot. Plus we always hit the charity shops wherever we go so I'm telling myself I can get 5x the amount of stuff for my money if I hold on, lololol. I'm running about a 2 week backlog on outfit posts so the new stuff should start coming soon. :)

      Your pear cake sounds lovely! I don't bake because James has his numerous food phobias and won't eat much, and if there's only me to eat cakes, there's no point making them. Mmm, warm pear cake and custard sounds amazing though. My mouth is watering! xxxxxx

  2. I get the shopping bit I am trying to stop the spending bu then Superdrug tempted me with three for two on make up and free delivery on a £10 spend!!! I also hate the Tories they really don't care about anyone and the only people who benefit from them are the rich. I got hooked on Broadchurch and binged watched the old ones and then the last series but it made me so on edge I couldn't sleep! I need something new to watch as I binged on The Crown and Stranger things! xxx

    1. Oh yes, I forgot about Broadchurch! I love it. I watched series 1 and 2 really quickly then started watching series 3 a few episodes in so I could binge watch a few. So good! I'm sad it's the last series though. I loved Stranger Things too, except for Winona Ryder's whiny voice. She made me want to put my fingers in my ears and go 'LALA LAAAAAAAAAA!'

      The Tories are shits, it's just like my childhood all over again, with only the rich doing well and everyone else up shit creek. I hope the turkeys don't vote for Christmas again this year!

      I'm constantly trying to avoid the charms of Superdrug, especially as I have a beauty card and I think all deliveries are free with that. xxx

  3. Couldn't agree more with you r.e. the Tories! Plus, can definitely relate to the money disappearing hahah! x

  4. Now is the time to yell our politics from the rooftops. I can live with people becoming bored if I share too many political posts. What I can't live with is the NHS being demolished.

    My urge to shop seems to be on a sliding scale depending on how fast we're going to hell in a hand cart! ;) x