At this moment #4 - Lifestyle

Hello loves, it's time to see what I've been up to for the last few weeks.


Currently I'm midway through the second/last series of Sense8 on Netflix. I really enjoy it and it's a shame it's been cancelled. It's about 8 individuals who are linked psychically and the adventures they experience. It has a very diverse cast and is filmed in places such as Germany, India, Iceland and America. It's a riot for the senses but due to all the location filming it must've been very expensive to produce.


I've been reading up a storm recently. I've read two more Baldacci books in the last couple of days - The Forgotten and The Target. I especially enjoyed the former. I *could* spend my time reading more factual books and fill my brain full of good things but I love crime thrillers.


Making plans for when we go to Bath next month. I have enough recommendations to last a week but we're only there for 2 days. Still, we'll make the best of it and we can always go back again. 😀


To be responsible adults and save for a mortgage - we estimate two years of really knuckling down will get us the chunk of money we need to buy a house or flat of our own. We'd started this once before, but then had to move with a month's notice, using up all we'd saved. Scrimping means my shopping habits and my whole outlook on life has got to change to one of thrift. I'll be sharing how I rediscover my thrifty ways, hack clothes I've already got into something new and add embellishments to jazz up older items. When I was younger I DIY-ed stuff all the time as lack of money meant I had to be inventive. I did it for years so I can do it again.


I recently watched the second series of Hinterland on Netflix. It's a crime procedural set in Wales. The scenery is stunning - all rolling hills and valleys - but the interior shots show beautiful decay as they visit crimes in dilapidated and dusty properties in the middle of nowhere. It's a beautiful contrast. There are 5 episodes of about 90 minutes each in a series and I really enjoy it.

I just finished a book called Principality of Sealand: Holding the Fort by Michael Bates. It's a fascinating story, and you can read more about it here on Wiki. Essentially a bonkers family commandeered a WW11 sea fort for their own use and have lived in it since 1967. I've been fascinated with the story for years since I first heard about it. The grammar and punctuation in the book leaves a lot to be desired but it's still a good read.


Looking forward to my holiday next month. I'm going away for a week with James's mum, dad, brother, our sister in law and our niece, who is 4. We go every year and since baby E was born we fit the holiday around her and it's lovely. Last year I took 2 outfits per day, planning to take loads of outfit photos, but mostly I had the barest makeup and scraped back hair and let E use me as a climbing frame. I adore her. James and I are getting away for a couple of days before we meet up with the fam - to Bath - and hopefully we'll have a couple of days away on our own afterwards too.


The last person I texted was my brother Wayne, and that was about going to see him last weekend, which was very nice.


I'm really into KIKO makeup at the moment. I said in my last at this moment post I'm loving the purple mascara I bought from them and I just bought some more in a sale they had. My order hasn't arrived yet as it comes from Italy, but I picked up both a light and dark green and a vivid blue mascara. I also got a slate grey lipstick (you know me and my love of weird makeup) and a couple of normal coloured ones. I'm still into really bright makeup generally of late. Life's too short not to stand out.


It's cooled down now but it had been unseasonably hot for over a week. We had the hottest day in June for something like 170 years. Because of my Fibro I have trouble regulating body temperature as I explained here so extreme heat (or cold) is really intolerable for me. I've been avoiding going out apart from last weekend when we went to see my brother. We walked around a lake for an hour in 28 degree heat and God only knows what humidity. When we got back to the car I felt so ill I thought I was going to have to vomit in my handbag! Thankfully sips of water and the air con soon sorted me out. Indoors I've nearly fainted several times as I overheat so easily. Temperatures have dropped now, so life is back to normal.

What's new with you?

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo


  1. I love posts like these! I read a great crime book recently called He Said/ She Said by Erin Kelly which I recommend :) I've never tried KIKO, but I love the idea of a coloured mascara that actually shows up, would love to see a post about them x

    1. Thanks, I'll keep my eyes out for that! Once the 3 other mascaras have arrived and I've taken photos I'll do a blog post. In between buying the first KIKO mascara and the subsequent ones I also bought 3 LA Colors ones, but they don't show up on my dark lashes at all so I'm passing them along to my blonde friend. I'm hoping the other KIKO ones will be just as pigmented as the purple one. x

  2. Hi Leah, I adored Hinterland too. Great story lines and you're so right the scenery should be listed as a co-star :) The hot, stuffy air is making breathing really difficult right now, more so at night when the tiny electric fan in the bedroom just moves warm stuffy air around even with the window open but it's the dampness (rainy days that are too warm to breathe properly - yuk!) that's trying to tie me into knots. Rosie the human pretzel again :/ I wait desperately all year for summer and it does this! Take care of you ok? Have a fabulous weekend honey, sending huggles always dear wee friend xxx

    1. Oh, isn't the scenery lovely? I've only been to Wales once, and that was to a very industrial town on a coach trip, so it wasn't at all pretty. I'd love to go back and do some exploring in the valleys. Oh no, could you put a tub of ice behind the fan so it draws the cold air from that and makes you nice and cool? It's been a reasonable temperature here the last few days, in the early 20s C and we haven't needed the fan on thank God! Hugs back. xxx