Plus size alternative wear - sun moon and stars kimono from EMP

Hello lovelies! I'm an alternate chick at heart, and in the past plus size alt clothing has been dire. I grew tired of looking for clothes that reflected that side of my personality, realising most companies didn't see fat rock chicks as worthy of clothing. I settled for whatever I could find in my size and concentrated more on the girly side of my personality. There's no need for plus size people to feel 'grateful' for the clothing options we're given any more, and thankfully over the years all kinds of plus size options have got better, including alt styles. This kimono is from EMP who specialise in rock and geeky merchandise.

When the kimono arrived I saw it had a Hot Topic label on it - it's an American store. I ordered the 7X which I thought was a UK size 30 as I wanted it to be airy and it's very oversized - I'm not sure if it's a US size 30 or just very generously cut. It would easily fit someone of a size 34, perhaps larger.

The fabric is thick and good quality and I love the way it's cut longer towards the back. I'm not a great fan of cold shoulders on anything as it's been done to death in plus size fashion, but I intend to fill in the gaps with some lace.
We went to Bodiam Castle on this day, the first visit since we bought a joint National Trust membership, so this was the first time we visited the castle itself, as we were previously put off by the cost. We'd previously only walked along the grounds. I'll post some photos of inside the castle another time, although I've written about the views from the grounds before here.
Here's a photo of me sweating profusely in 28+ degree C weather and seeking solace inside the cooler castle walls.
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I'm wearing:
Sun moon stars kimono, EMP
Simple maxi dress, Boohoo (similar) *AL I'm wearing a size 24
Trainers, Yours Clothing
Bag, past season Hell Bunny

Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo


  1. I love this outfit. I am all about the black wardrobe. LOL. I was looking at Emp to see if they shipped to the US. They do have a lot of the same merchandise as our Hot Topic. I think Emp has more variety and more goth styles. Right now I am poor, so no new stuff for me.

    1. Thanks Christie. I saw a post on Instagram recently which said "If it ain't black put it back!" and it made me laugh. I do love black but I love a pop of colour too. EMP is my favourite new place to shop and they seem to refresh stock often.