Brainstorming bra fitting for the bigger bust

Hi loves,

I'm still on hiatus from blogging except for my existing commitments, but don't worry I'm still on social media.


 In just under two weeks I'm hosting a webinar about bra fitting for the fuller bust. The experts are:

  • Ilona from Ms Pomelo, who make gorgeous comfortable bras for the fuller chest 
  • Jackie Clarke, a bra fitting expert of many years experience at a major department store
  • Retha Welding, a physiotherapist from SE1 Physio

It's a half hour long chat on Weds 12th July between 7.30 and 8pm and Ilona is going to give away some bras at the end of the evening to people who attended the webinar.

If you've ever had questions about bra fitting or breast health now's your chance to get your questions in. You can drop any questions about bra fitting/breast health you might have in the comments. If you have any photos of yourself in ill-fitting bras and want to know what the problem is, you can send photos to Title your email LoveLeah Webinar.

You can see the event on Facebook here and if you're attending, please register here.

Further reading:
Read here about Ms Pomelo post-mastectomy bras.

Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo

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