How to rock your boyfriend's clothes *SP

Who’d have thought a boyfriend could be so useful? Holding the clothes they leave behind at yours hostage is a great way to acquire a cosy, comfortable and completely versatile new wardrobe. It’s a great collection to have to add the finishing touches to any outfit - and if you have no boyfriend? No problem, you can have a meander in the men’s section of stores like H&M and Top Man in search of the perfect oversized sweater.

Keep reading to find out how to make the most of men’s wear this season.

Boyfriend jeans

Why spend money on the official women’s boyfriend jeans when you can nab a pair of your other half’s. Over the past year, the baggy and comfortable style of boyfriend jeans has grown in popularity. If they’re a little too large around the waist, pair with a super cute belt and voila! If you’re going for an extra-slouchy cut, pair with feminine tailoring and high fashion accessories for the best combination.

White button down

Every woman needs a white button down in her life, like yesterday. You know those crisp white shirts that are big enough to fit a man but fancy enough to flatter a woman. Based on the clothes and accessories that you pair it with, you can make one perfect for any occasion. Just tuck the front into a pair of black jeans or even those boyfriend jeans mentioned above with a pair of trainers for a laid-back look or a pair of wedges for a more sophisticated look.

Baggy tees

Baggy t-shirts are by far the most versatile piece of clothing out there, and I bet your boyfriend has plenty. You can wear them with pretty much any type of trousers, and an added bonus is that a baggy tee will make your pins look amazing. If the shirt is long enough, you can forget about the trousers all together and wear it as a dress. The most obvious footwear would be converses or trainers but if you’re feeling really bold, pair with a pretty pair of sandals. Who needs a LBD when you have your boyfriends tee.


We spend an extreme amount of money on our accessories, but have you ever looked through your boyfriend’s accessory collection? It could save you huge amounts and they have some really stylish options now, I especially love the men’s leather bracelet stackable look. Pair with a boohoo style white floaty top, leggings and sandals for a wild and free iconic image. Play around with colours and textures and mix and match for the ultimate fashion statement.

Layer layer layer

Layering multiple items of clothing is a great trend we can steal from guys; it’s a wonderful technique and in the winter months keeps you that little bit warmer. Classic oversized shirts worn unbuttoned over a vest or t-shirt is a great casual and laid back look or try a baggy sweater over an oversized shirt and leave it untucked for a real chic look. For evening wear, try a short dress under his cool bomber jacket for a smooth and comfortable look.

Sports jerseys

The cool American style sports jerseys are no longer just for the lads. Paired with some black skinny jeans and converses they are a staple part of the ultimate chic look. If you’re feeling really daring, pinch his baseball cap as well and put on backwards over cute girly hair to totally rock that look.

Bottom line is, borrowing your boyfriend’s clothes is a great way to add personality and style to your outfits and as mentioned before, if you don’t have a boyfriend, no problem! Get shopping in the men’s department, not only are the clothes cheaper than women’s, more often than not they are also better quality!

Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo

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